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The new face of facade creation and production


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Staticus is one of the largest facade engineering contractors in Northern Europe that provides design, production, installation, warranty, and after warranty services to its clients. The company has 20 years of experience in the facade industry and has been manufacturing unitized facades since 2011.

“Prior to 2011, we used to ship all materials to the building site and construct everything there, which is called assembled on-site structures, but now we do all the assembly off-site,” explains Aušra Vankevičiūtė, General Manager. This change helped the business increase the quality of its products dramatically while making everything more cost efficient and safer for the workers.

Word quickly spread about the company with the high-quality product and efficient pricing model. This led to bigger projects and more name recognition. Today, the firm continues to build on its strong reputation and draws more new customers annually.

However, a high-quality product at a good price is far from the only reason why people keep choosing to work with Staticus. The contractor provides assistance for its clients through the entire process. This includes consulting work, design, project management, creating mock-ups, installation, quality control checks and warranty services.

“We start at the very beginning stages and help look for ways to meet the technical, architectural and economic requirements of each project,” says Ms. Vankevičiūtė. R&D is very important to Staticus, and it has several highly trained product development professionals ready to evaluate the risks in complex solutions, foresee and eliminate system failures, and offer advice on the use of new materials.

One of the tools used throughout the entire process is building information modelling (BIM) technology. A BIM model helps employees efficiently manage the large amount of information in a project. It makes it easier to understand and revise a project since engineers can quickly review and assess the alternatives in terms of the costs and other aspects.

Aušra Vankevičiūtė
Upon a project’s completion, we provide extra peace of mind to our clients by offering a warranty service to ensure regular and preventive checks of all facades. Aušra VankevičiūtėGeneral Manager

Critically thinking about and planning for unforeseen issues, and helping the project progress are no longer the only things construction-based entities need to consider. “Due to regulations becoming stricter, developers now also have to take the end user of the building into account,” explains Ms. Vankevičiūtė.

Sustainability and environmental friendliness are important values upheld by the business. Staticus tries to use as little plastic as possible, uses reusable packaging and builds only with certified materials. The company is involved in every step of the supply chain and chooses its suppliers based on their quality, ethics and sustainability policies. The firm even collaborates with universities and other research-based institutions to maintain a steady flow of ideas and information.

Innovation is nothing new to Staticus. It plans on continuing its forward momentum by entering new markets, exploring how to apply artificial intelligence (AI) to the engineering process, using new products and new methods such as sensors in the glass units in its projects, and working out how to help clients maintain their buildings in the future.