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Lightings illuminate entire rooms or highlight specific elements. Status is a prestigious expert when it comes to lightings that are synonymous with design and quality made in Italy. The company’s products combine advanced technology and attractive design, form and function.

“The attention to detail and quality made in Italy have always deeply rooted in our business philosophy,” sums up Managing Director Pierfabio Garavaglia. “This makes our projects and products stand out.”

STATUS was founded in 1992 as a subsidiary of Mondial Lux. Today, it has a workforce of 15 employees and a total annual revenue of four million EUR. Exports to Germany, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, the Arabian Emirates, Israel and India make up a share of 60%.

When STATUS created its well-known ALTIS line in 2001, this was a milestone in its history. For the first time, the company experimented with LED technology – today, LEDs are core elements of the portfolio and are even rented out.

“Thanks to ALTIS, we managed to shift decorative lamps into the world of architecture,” says Mr. Garavaglia. “We try to make the most of the LED technology as it offers unmatched benefits such as energy saving, long-term duration and smaller size. Two years ago, we started offering a special service. We replace traditional or inefficient lights by new LED lights. We install the lights and we offer 5-year-warranties. The idea behind this offer is to improve energy efficiency and to save energy. Furthermore, we put great emphasis on using recyclable and natural materials as we are constantly thinking about the future of our planet.”

STATUS’ lights illuminate residential interiors, work environments, and public as well as institutional buildings and are increasingly demanded by architects, lighting specialists and interior designers. They rave about their exclusive design, premium quality, and innovative and eco-friendly technology.

One of the most-demanded products is ‘Giulia’, a wall, ceiling, table, floor and suspension lamp with direct and diffused light. Designed in 1997, Giulia was characterized by soft and curvy forms that nowadays have been slightly adapted to current market trends nowadays.

‘Progetto 50’ comes as a lamp collection inspired by the design of the 1950s. The fashion brand Max Mara is one of its great admirers. STATUS’ lamps illuminate Turin’s main underground station and three boats of the Costa Crociera.

Many more innovative lamps and projects are to come in the near future – STATUS is known for turning innovative ideas into future-oriented products within a short time.

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