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Aiming for number one in waterjet cutting


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StM specializes in high-precision waterjet cutting systems for manifold industrial applications. The company offers custom-engineered solutions for cutting metal, stone, ceramics, glass, plastics, foam, wood, rubber and many other materials. Founded in 1974, StM has been developing and manufacturing waterjet cutting systems since 1992.

“Waterjet cutting has been growing for more than 25 years,” says Sven Anders, Managing Director of StM Waterjet Germany. “The last seven years in particular have been extraordinary. We have succeeded in winning many new customers and are now focusing on expanding and improving our service accordingly.”

StM is owned by STM Swiss AG in Appenzell, Switzerland, and has operations in Austria and Germany. Over the years, the group has developed into a leading international provider in this growth market. “Our goal is to become Europe’s number one supplier of waterjet cutting systems,” states Mr. Anders. “Our advantage is that we are not dependent on specific branches of industry. This is why we are still growing, despite clouded forecasts in individual sectors.”

StM offers four basic product series – EcoCut, MasterCut, PremiumCut and MicroCut – that can be adapted to individual cutting applications and customer requirements. “All our waterjet cutting systems are designed as modular solutions,” explains Mr. Anders. The comprehensive product portfolio of StM is rounded off by the StM Cube waterjet cutting system, which comes with its own hood cover for extra safety and noise insulation.

“We have a complete range of waterjet cutting solutions to cover every industrial or research application,” says Mr. Anders. An ideal supplement to the range is provided by OneClean, a modular system for the recovery and cleaning of water and abrasives.

“More and more customers are asking for solutions that make waterjet cutting even more environment friendly,” Mr. Anders says, describing a major trend in the sector. StM’s commitment to sustainability is also reflected in the company’s constant innovation relating to high-pressure pumps.

Continuous technological innovation is part of our DNA. Sven AndersManaging Director
Sven Anders, Managing Director

“The pumps are the heart of every waterjet cutting system,” explains Mr. Anders. “We are constantly working on making them more energy-efficient to provide our customers with cutting-edge technology, in addition to the general benefits of waterjet cutting: outstanding flexibility in respect of the materials to be cut, and no thermal impact to the material. Continuous technological innovation is part of our DNA. We adapt in line with changing market demands and are constantly developing our systems.”

StM supplies a wide variety of markets, ranging from the automotive industry to manufacturers of foam products and sealing materials through to the glass, ceramics and stone industries. “We would like to further enhance our position in the composite materials sector, a promising, fast developing target market for the future,” Mr. Anders says.

With operations in Eben im Pongau in the Austrian state of Salzburg, and Schweinfurt in Bavaria, StM has a particular strong position in the German-speaking world. “Germany is the single most important market for us,” explains Mr. Anders. “But we also have many customers in Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Poland and several other European countries. Our vision is to become the leading European supplier of waterjet cutting solutions, a vision that we are aiming to implement through continuous product innovation and excellent customer service. We are currently expanding and optimizing our Europe wide sales and service network.”

The only problem for StM in achieving its vision seems to lie in the growing skills shortage. “It is getting increasingly difficult for us to recruit skilled labour,” states Mr. Anders. “But we work with advanced technologies, which is attractive for young engineers. And we cooperate closely with Schweinfurt University of Applied Sciences and offer internships and Bachelor dissertations to win talented engineering staff.”

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