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Streit Groupe: Ready for the next generation of engines


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Streit Groupe produces complex components made from stainless steel, cast iron, and aluminium, and also undertakes assembly activities. Over 80% of the company’s products are made for the automotive industry – engine components related to pollution reduction and engine performance.

Streit Groupe also manufactures components for, among other things, farm vehicles, trucks, and machinery for the construction and energy industries. “We work in partnership with customers such as PSA, Renault, Nissan, Fiat and Caterpillar, as well as tier one and two suppliers,” explains Sales Director Thibaut Duret. “Although our customers supply the drawings for the parts we make, based on our long experience we are able to optimize those drawings.”

Besides its production unit in France, Streit Groupe also operates facilities in Serbia and Slovakia, and in 2019 plans to open a new production unit in Mexico. “Over 80% of our products are exported,” says Mr. Duret. “Many of our customers have plants all around the world. Competition is intense, particularly from Asian manufacturers. However, because some of our production is close to our customer’s factories based in Central and Eastern Europe, we are able to withstand the price pressures. I think this, combined with our long experience in complex components, the way we partner with customers to achieve optimum solutions, and the fact that we have a reliable raw materials supplier in the form of our holding company MeiTa, are our key success factors.”

Thibaut Duret
There are always new projects; Streit Groupe continues to develop, and the market continually presents new challenges. Thibaut DuretSales Director

The automotive industry is undergoing massive change, and Streit Groupe is prepared. “The transition from diesel to gasoline is already under way, and over the next 15 years, hybrid cars will become common, and ultimately all-electric cars too,” Mr. Duret points out. “Our strategy is to remain innovative. We are a member of essenTiAL, a group led by French firm Safran, which develops new materials; we are responsible for the processing and machining. We have also opened a new internal technology center this year, where we constantly work on new processes. There are always new projects; Streit Groupe continues to develop, and the market continually presents new challenges.”