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Rising to the top in a vertical world


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Founded in 1960 and a subsidiary of PNP in Prague, STROS has accumulated almost 60 years of experience and know-how in the manufacture of elevators, construction hoists and other solutions for a wide variety of applications.

The company’s elevators are designed as permanent installations and are used to transport people and materials on the outside of a building. The range of lifts includes industrial elevators, some of which are developed for use in harsh environments, where abrasive, hazardous and corrosive materials are transported, as well as special and atypical elevators such as mobile lifts, elevators with particularly large cabins or designed to function on a curved wall, explosionproof lifts, battery and inverted elevators for use in underground shafts.

The company’s elevators are installed on power and cement plants, refineries and in mines – anywhere where it is necessary to transport people and equipment upwards or even downwards over long distances – sometimes over 300 m in height or depth.

STROS’s construction hoists are used during building works. Its solutions include models which can lift up to 3,200 kg, and offer a safe and highly efficient means of transporting people and materials on a construction site. Standard as well as customized models are available to ensure the hoist meets the exact needs of each particular situation.

In addition to elevators and construction hoists, STROS also produces single material hoists with load capacities of up to 3,275 kg and lifting heights of over 350 m, twinmast single hoist (recently supplied with a 6,700 kg load capacity) as well as suspended platforms in lengths of up to 12 m which can bear loads of up to 1,140 kg and are used in building maintenance and repair work, and electrically driven mobile work platforms and mast climbers.

All our products are robust, rigid and stable. They are designed specifi cally for heavy-duty use. Tomáš RottenbergSales Director

“All our products are robust, rigid and stable, and boast an extensive lifespan,” underlines Sales Director Tomáš Rottenberg. “They are designed specifically for heavy-duty use, and in particular, for the transportation of heavy materials. There is a lot of competition in the market for hoists which lift up to 2,000 kg, but for those with load capacities of over 2,000 kg, we are one of the top players in the world.”

Indeed, the company is active around the globe, with customers – rental companies, construction concerns, and industrial plants – in Europe, Russia, Australia, and North America where the North American Space Agency (NASA) numbers among its clients.

“Sales of hoists and elevators for heavy-duty use are growing exponentially,” notes Mr. Rottenberg. “The population is growing, resulting in a prolific number of building projects. In big cities, which are already very concentrated, the only way to meet the demand for residential properties is to build upwards. Wealthy countries, in particular in Asia, are investing in high-rises, and that is where our products are really in demand. The city of Hanoi is currently planning a huge project – a mega smart city. We are hoping to be a part of this, and we are also targeting regions and countries which have an open economy and are willing to invest.”

To raise awareness of its products, STROS exhibits at numerous trade fairs; this year it attended the BAUMA in Munich, and in 2020 the company will attend a building exhibition in Las Vegas. Mr. Rottenberg joined STROS in 2017 after working in the petrochemical industry for a number of years.

“This is a very dynamic sector,” he says. “Sales volumes are constantly increasing, which is incredibly motivating. Stability across the company as a whole is now our immediate aim. This entails a continued growth in sales while improving our products to ensure they are competitive and comfortable to use.”

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