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Give it a brake


Braking is an international brand, highly respected among race lovers. The company was founded in 1990 under the name of Braking in Brianza. Back then, it concentrated on the production of brake discs for the aftermarket.

When the company launched a new disc in 1998, it set new benchmarks. “Inventing our first wave disc was a pioneering achievement,” says Managing Director Raphael Dalban-Moreynas. “It was a completely new and almost revolutionary concept. Prior to that discs were round; suddenly they were wavy. We were the first to offer this wavy profile which was the lightest racing disc and marked the beginning of a very successful and dynamic development.”

Due to growing demand, Braking faced new challenges. In 2004, the company was aquired by the Japanese Sunstar group, a holding with activities in the fields of oral care, health and beauty, chemicals and the automotive industry.

“Back then, Sunstar was keen to further strengthen its position in the aftermarket and Braking was a perfect match,” says Mr. Dalban-Moreynas. “Following the acquisition, the company changed its name to Braking Sunstar SpA. After several important events, the integration was finally completed in July 2014 and another name change was due. From that point on, we have been operating as Sunstar Engineering Italy S.r.l.”

Another result of the new structure was the relocation of many production processes. Until the end of 2014, 90% of our discs were manufactured in Brianza; nowadays, a big part of our production is located in Indonesia, Thailand and Taiwan.

“Here in Italy, we mainly focus on producing the most technological components, on assembling and on controlling the quality of all our products,” explains Mr. Dalban-Moreynas. “Most components are produced abroad but not everything. It is important that we can still guarantee quality made in Italy.”

Today, Sunstar Engineering Italy has a workforce of 30 employees and generates annual sales of 13 million EUR. Two thirds of sales is made up by exports. The company is active around the globe with core markets in Australia, North and South America, Japan and the Middle East.

In Europe, it focuses particularly on France, Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium. Parts of the internationally sought-after products are still manufactured close to Limbiate. All research and development activities are also located here.

Braking’s portfolio is dominated by brake discs that account for 60% of sales. Components such as brake pads, lines and fittings, and transmission products like chains and sprockets complement the range.

“Depending on the use we offer different types of brake discs,” says Mr. Dalban-Moreynas. “They are suitable for scooters, off-road motorcycles and standard motorcycles. We are generally present at all important national and international races. It is part of our business philosophy to test our products comprehensively before we put them on the market. It usually takes a whole year before we start advertising a new product. Due to this fundamental testing process we have perfect control and can guarantee safety and reliability.”

One of Sunstar Engineering’s bestsellers is SK2, a wave floating brake disc. Its non-round design enables a better radial expansion of the rotor under extreme heat conditions. Other advantages are a better handling, stable power in all conditions and an outstanding reactiveness thanks to more braking grip.

“SK2 is synonymous with a veritable five year success story,” underlines Mr. Dalban-Moreynas. “It won seven world titles. Batfly Aluminum is another highlight. Here, the carrier and the rivets are made of aluminium instead of steel which significally reduces weight. We launched Batfly Aluminum in 2013/2014 and it perfectly reflects our focus on innovation and technology.”

This quality, together with outstanding innovation and authenticity made Braking and Sunstar Engineering one of the leaders in the international off-road market. Now, the company is keen to further consolidate its leadership through new innovative products.

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