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A trailer for every transport mode


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“Most people think about normal goods transport when referring to trailers, but in fact the need for special transport and thus special trailer and chassis solutions has been growing strongly,” points out CEO Radek Štěrba who, after the death of his father in 2016, has been managing the family company together with his mother and sister.

The firm currently employs about 40 staff members and generates a turnover of six million EUR. It was, in fact, his father who laid the foundation for what SVAN Chrudim is today. Having spent many years in the transport business, Mr. Štěrba senior started designing his first trailers before embarking on his own production.

“At first, only two staff members manufactured our trailers and semitrailers, but we were soon operating four to five production lines,” points out Mr. Štěrba. After the death of the founder, the family managed to ensure continuity and aimed to strengthen the company’s leading market position in the Czech Republic and beyond.

SVAN Chrudim has become a household name for special trailer and chassis solutions, based on high-quality components from prominent OEMs in Western Europe. “We purchase the material ourselves and carry out our own design, all in line with the specifications of our customers,” stresses Mr. Štěrba. “We see our role as a provider of customized trailers and chassis. We are able to fully respond to our customers’ wishes, a capacity which is almost unrivalled in our special segment. This has earned us the praise of many satisfied customers, who keep on coming back to us.”

SVAN Chrudim offers trailers and semitrailers with payload anywhere between 5 t to 39 t that transport timber, cargo containers, agricultural machinery and construction and industrial machines such as bulldozers. In addition, it designs and produces flatbeds with one or two axles for regular transport, amongst many other individual solutions, and undertakes the paintwork itself.

“We serve customers directly or via vehicle manufacturers and partners that build, for instance, refrigeration trucks. For us, it is not important what is on our trailers, as this part is taken over by our partners,” points out Mr. Štěrba. “We serve 20% international customers, mostly from Europe. We aim to increase our international position, as we see huge potential here. The reduction of delivery dates is another issue, as we strive to offer delivery timescales of eight to ten weeks, which is quite challenging for us. However, we are confident of tackling our goals effectively in the coming years.”