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Powerful solutions for country living


Power tools have revolutionised the Scandinavian forestry industry, and SVENSKA BLOUNT AB has contributed its own share to this development. The Swedish enterprise focuses on its domestic market serving dealers, large merchants, OEMs and other group members under different brands.

Oregon is the main brand where saw chains are concerned and stands for worldwide renowned products, complemented by Carlton, another worldwide brand, and the European B2C Kox brand. “We sell whole saw chains and even individual links if required,” points out Michael Winkler, CEO and responsible for many aspects of management. “We offer the complete range of saw chain products for the average forestry professional.”

The history of BLOUNT INTERNATIONAL itself goes back to 1947 and Joe Cox’s observation of how well timber beetle larva chewed their way through wood fibre. Copying nature, he paved the way for a typical American dream business and one of the most famous brands in the world’s forestry industry.

SVENSKA BLOUNT was established by the Oregon saw chain company in Sweden in 1956 and remained part of the organisation when it was taken over by BLOUNT INC. in 1985, later renamed BLOUNT INTERNATIONAL and headquartered in Portland, Oregon.

SVENSKA BLOUNT contributes to the group’s successful trading performance with annual revenues in the region of 12.6 million EUR, generated by a total of 17 employees operating in Sweden. The group has a headcount of 4,500 and is represented in more than 100 countries around the world and on five continents, generating a turnover of close to one billion USD.

“BLOUNT INTERNATIONAL operates in three main segments: FLAG representing forestry, lawn and garden, FRAG for farm, ranch and agriculture, and Construction for cutting products, concrete and cement walls, floors and bridges,” sums up Mr. Winkler. “SVENSKA BLOUNT holds about 60% of the Swedish saw chain market.”

Needless to say, there is no standstill of development with a company that has been a leader in innovation and quality all along. SVENSKA BLOUNT is currently introducing a battery-driven power tool range that includes three new products and next-generation systems.

With a view to new business opportunities, SVENSKA BLOUNT puts its trust in the recommendation of dealers, customers and distributors as well as advertisements in forestry magazines and other professional publications. The participation in exhibitions and fairs for forestry end-users is another welcome opportunity to present new developments, establish new customer contacts and reinforce existing ones.

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