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Packaging pharmaceuticals


SVUS Pharma started out modestly in the beginning. Having obtained the necessary certifications, it focused on boxing and labeling blister packs for the Czech market.

“At first, we did everything manually,” says General Manager Lukáš Jirka. “Later, as demand for our services increased, we were able to buy blistering lines and offer primary packaging of non-sterile solid dosage forms.”

Gradually, the business grew so that today SVUS Pharma offers a full service encompassing packaging, warehousing, logistics and dispatch.

“We offer primary packaging in blisters of all solid pharmaceuticals and food supplements including tablets, caplets and capsules,” says Mr. Jirka. “Our blister lines can package pharmaceuticals bought in bulk into blisters of various sizes and configurations.”

The blister packs are made up of a variety of thermoforming materials such as PVC, PVC/PVDC, PVC/Aclar, PP, PE and POP while the blister lids can be made of soft or hard aluminium film or a combination of aluminium foil and paper.

“In itself, we do not perform very complicated operations,” says Mr. Jirka. “Aside from observing stringent hygiene requirements, the technology involved is not that sophisticated. However, you do have to be well organized and control the flow of activities down to the last detail. We are also regularly inspected both by clients and the regulatory authorities.”

SVUS Pharma has the infrastructure and facilities to cater to any type of client. The General Manager prefers to have five or six major customers whose businesses are diverse enough for there to be no conflict of interest:

“The ideal client from our point of view takes advantage of all the services we have to offer. We can also offer our distribution network, as well. We have our own sales organization in Central and Eastern Europe. We are also accustomed to handling complex operations. For example, we can store a million vials of oncology medicine and deliver them in small batches across Europe in a few weeks. That means we have to organize the appropriate packaging, label them in the right language and organize transport. We are very flexible in that respect and can even offer just-in-time delivery.”

In addition to contract manufacturing on behalf of other clients, SVUS Pharma also packages its own products for distribution under its own Farmax brand.

“We manufacture a number of proprietary products under the Farmax umbrella,” says Mr. Jirka. “This includes a number of well-known names such as Maxicor, Folgravid and Preventan.”

Proprietary brands of generic medicines are seen as a growth area for the future. The Preventan range of dietary supplements is already worth 2.5 million EUR each year.

“We have e-shops in each country, advertising across a range of channels and a field sales force visiting pharmacies,” says Mr. Jirka.

Turnover from both activities is expected to reach 13 million EUR in 2015 with a rise to 20 million EUR targeted for 2020. “The market is looking very positive for us with our two-pronged B2B and B2C model. We hope to attract investors to provide the capital needed to accelerate our growth.”

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