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A specialist for specialists


“We are much more than just a consultant, a supplier or a sourcing partner,” confirms CEO Johan Danielsson. “We are a partner who supports and collaborates closely with its customers to ensure that the most competent and effective resources and solutions on the market are delivered and used.”

In its beginnings, SwCG focused exclusively on specialist consulting services for smaller companies. This still is the company’s core competence. The clients focus on IT, management and R&D and usually have between 20 and 25 employees.

“We help them to promote their names and their expertise so that they are found by the right partners and customers,” Mr. Danielsson explains the approach of SwCG. “We do not have consultants ourselves – we are independent. We are the link between clients and consultants. Our clients know that we evaluate their competences carefully and trust our selection before we propose potential suppliers or partners. We also have an internal market. Within our network of partner companies, they refer to each other. Another important aspect is sourcing. We help our customers to find the most suitable suppliers with the competence they need –inside and outside of our network.”

Evaluation is a key word of the SwCG concept and an ongoing process. “To us, evaluation competence means evaluating processes, certifications, market reputation and even the history of a company,” says the CEO. “We speak to our clients’ reference and analyze their financial situation. We also ask them to answer requests and evaluate that. In the coming years, we will also enhance our activities in evaluating presentations. The EU market is a relational market. Still, the companies are not as professional about presentation as they could be. Often, they just do not see the necessity, but if you want to make it outside of Europe, you will have to present your business.”

Today, the public sector is the mainstay of the business, accounting for around 70% of the overall business volume. SwCG also services private companies from different industries, among them electronics, telecommunications and shipping. “In fact, we can help anyone who needs consultants or services,” says Mr. Danielsson. “But all consultancy services focus on IT, management and R&D issues.”

At present, Sweden is the most important market for the consultancy specialist with a share of 90% of the annual turnover. But SwCG is also active in China. This is only the start of the international expansion of the company. Around six months ago, SwCG opened up an office in China. Later this year, presences in Norway and Denmark will follow.

“We had some meetings with Chinese customers, and they are interested in Swedish companies,” says Mr. Danielsson. “Chinese companies and authorities are also interested in our know-how in sustainability issues. Companies in the EU are very much interested in specialty know-how from China. We can find that for them – they do not have to be there at all. You do not have to fly over to China any more to cooperate with a Chinese partner. You have to make use of the technologies available.”

The CEO expects the company’s volume in China to rise to approximately 20% of turnover by 2014 and rapid growth for the coming years. “We made our name in Sweden within the last two years,” he says. “Our revenues grew from 3 million EUR to 25 million EUR this year. We opened up two more office in Sweden and won huge contracts in the public sector. This is a solid base to further flex our muscles and to gain ground in Norway and China. We will also open up three or four new markets in Europe in the next three to five years. The need for our services is growing, not the least due to ongoing globalization. Today, companies have less locally based dependencies. So it is not a problem if the consultants or suppliers come from other countries. In general, the European consultancy market is developing into a specialist market.”

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