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“In the last five years we have enjoyed a continuous increase in our turnover, with growth of around 10%,” says Bengt Ahlqvist, who is responsible for European sales as Area Sales Manager. “60% of the spare parts we sell are sourced from different suppliers, while the other 40% are produced according to our own drawings.”

At present, SLP provides spare parts, suitable for Volvo and Scania, heavy goods vehicles, trucks, busses and off-road vehicles. Most heavy goods vehicles have a Volvo motor, as the brand has a long history, while the market for Scania parts has great potential to keep growing.

The spare parts sold most are motor components, like cylinders, repair kits for overhauling motors and so on, but SLP also provides parts for transmissions, mirrors and accessories, and is continuously expanding its range. The company offers between 13,000 and 14,000 items, 95% of which are mostly delivered from stock.

“We provide a high level of service in combination with high quality products,” Mr. Alhqvist notes. “Our founder always insisted on a quality level that is comparable to that of spare parts by the original manufacturer.”

Founder and owner Mr. Lars Hedlund started his activities in spare parts in the 1970s, at first with parts suitable for Volvo passenger cars. In 1991, he founded SLP with its current focus on heavy goods vehicles and trucks, expanding it later on to include off-road and construction vehicles.

We are one of the strongest independent suppliers of high quality spare parts for heavy vehicles. Bengt AhlqvistArea Sales Manager Europe
Bengt Ahlqvist, Area Sales Manager for Europe at Swedish Lorry Parts AB

In 2014, SLP decided to develop spare parts for Scania as well. The company has a particularly strong presence in Europe and South America. Close to home, the Nordic region and Russia are the most important markets.

“North America is a huge market and is one of our main target markets for further expansion, along with Germany and Italy,” observes Mr. Ahlqvist. The global political situation is important for the company’s activities. “When a particular region slows down, we do have the opportunity to focus elsewhere, because we serve customers in over 90 countries in the world.”

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