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Making every day a little easier


Swereco Group was founded in 1973 and was recently acquired by Karo Bio. The company is active in 20 countries and is dedicated to taking care of a person’s body in order to help improve their quality of life.

Examples of ergonomic products the company offers to help make life more manageable are: shower stools, canes, crutches, tools to open doors and windows, hair brushes, bottle openers, vegetable peelers, bed supports and many more. “We offer a very wide range of products to meet almost any need,” says Laurence Vincent, International Sales Manager.

A current focus for Swereco Group, in terms of its products, is to modernize many of them to make them appeal to the current generation of consumers. For example, the company recently reworked its line of Mabs compression stockings and socks. The company changed them from being a product aimed at older women to one that both men and women, young or old can use.

This was accomplished by offering a wider range of products in new designs and making it more of a utility product. Instead of only using the socks or stockings for managing blood flow in the leg brought on by problems such as leg ulcers and varicose veins, Swereco Group helped the consumer see other uses for the product.

“We highlighted many alternative uses for the product, such as wearing them on long flights or if you have a job that requires a large amount of standing,” explains Ms. Vincent. “The stockings will provide the wearer, regardless of age, with a feeling of comfort and relief in a variety of life situations.”

The company was very successful in its modernization efforts, quadrupling the amount of sales of the product over a four year stretch.

In addition to product modernization, Swereco Group is also concentrating on introducing more products into its range. In 2014, the company launched a line of self-test products under the YesNo brand name. This self-test line offers some standard products such as pregnancy and ovulation tests, but also offers revolutionary products that involve DNA.

These tests can help a person determine a variety of things such as: their likelihood of developing obesity, existing allergies, urinary tract infections, blood clot risks and many other testing options.

“The test is quite easy,” adds Ms. Vincent. “The person swabs the inside of their cheek to get a DNA sample, sends it in to a laboratory, gets a personal code to log into our website to view the results and receives information about what they should and should not do.”

Everything is completely confidential and the consumer will receive advice to visit their doctor if it is necessary or useful for them to do so. The company also has partnerships with a few online doctor services to make speaking with a doctor easy and stress free for the users of the YesNo brand of testing products.

Swereco Group is also introducing new products into existing brands that the company operates. A popular category for the company is the Dosett brand. The pill organiser has been the most popular item in this line for decades, especially in the pharmacies and hospitals the company has partnered with.

The pill organizer is still offered to the company’s consumers, but Swereco Group wanted to breathe new life into this category of products. To do this, the company developed two new product lines: dispensers to hold vitamins and other dietary supplements and next year will introduce a new product under the Dosett brand called Dosett BabyMed.

This new product is geared towards babies and small children with the focus placed on easing medicine intake since many children find taking medicine unpleasant due to the taste, smell or the form the medicine comes in. “We are very excited about this new product in particular, because it really helps us reach a new consumer target group,” says Ms. Vincent.

All of this effort that is going into modernizing the products and developing new product ranges is paying off for Swereco Group. The company realized a turnover of around 17 million EUR in 2014 and expects to increase that amount in 2015.

“We owe a lot of our success to our employees and their dedication to producing quality products,” adds Ms. Vincent. The company employs about 45 people and expects to employ more if its products continue to sell well.

For the future, the company intends to become more active in several new markets. The main focus will remain on the European market, but Swereco Group has also set its sights on the American and Chinese markets. “As people age and time remains a valued commodity, we see many opportunities for us in the future,” sums up Ms. Vincent.

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