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Allevia®: a revolution in the medicine market


What is obviously a taboo theme for Bayer, Pfizer and co, has been a mission and a passion for a medium-sized company in Münsterland for many years. Together with renowned medical professor Lutz Rolf, the neurologist and specialist for psychiatry, Dr. Joachim Kamprad, has developed a centrally acting pain medication, which has been proved by clinical studies to be non-addictive and also to have none of the usual side effects. Allevia® is an innovative combination of two well-tolerated active ingredients and is one of the few non-addictive pain medications that can cross the blood-brain barrier, and can thus act centrally via the central nervous system. “Serotonin deficiency syndrome causes the brain to sense strong pain,” explains Rolf Kamprad. “Serotonin plays a decisive role in regulating chronic pain. It works in the interstices of nerve junctions in the brain. If the supply of serotonin is exhausted, the pain becomes chronic. Our product replenishes the store of serotonin in the nerve interstices, significantly reducing the pain felt by the patient.”

Effective against a particularly intense form of rheumatic pain

While a lot of pain medication very quickly results in addition and can cause strong side effects, Allevia® has proved effective in controlling pain in an almost natural way. The results of two clinical studies, which were approved by a German ethical commission, are very positive and confirm the effectiveness and tolerability of Allevia® in treating fibromyalgia, a particularly intense form of rheumatic pain.

Behind Allevia® is the competent team from SymBalance, which has become a well-renowned name in the medical and pharmaceutical sector. SymBalance’s experts place huge value on working with only the best partners for the development and manufacture of its products, and have already agreed a cooperation with respected university professors and leading development partners. Experts have already compiled a complete plan for the development, approval and commercialization of Allevia®.

Rolf Kamprad
An investment in Allevia® is not only very profitable, but also will help millions of people to live a normal life once again. Rolf KampradManaging Director

Seeking investors for phase 2

Chronic pain is one of the world’s largest indications in the drug market. It has been proved that Allevia® has the potential to become a blockbuster (defined as the potential for over one billion EUR in global sales). With the best clinical preliminary studies and a professional network, SymBalance is now ready to move on to the next critical phase of development. “As a team, we are ready for the next stage of development and implementation,” says Mr. Kamprad. “By investing in Allevia®, you can not only secure a highly attractive return, but also alleviate real suffering and prevent addition problems. Based on the clinical results, we estimate the development and investment risk to be low. Allevia® would help millions of people around the world to live a normal life once again.”

SymBalance needs around five million EUR to complete the next development objective - a relatively small sum compared to typical blockbuster development. The SymBalance team is poised to join forces with investment partners to gain approval for Allevia® for the global market and fulfil its mission to alleviate the suffering of millions.