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Accurate information on costs


What are the costs for our new smartphone? How much are the components we have to purchase from third parties? What are the prices of our competitors in the market?

There are many questions coming up when manufacturing costs and selling prices are to be estimated. System Plus Consulting, which was set up in 1993, supports customers from the manufacturing world to find the right answer.

“We are specialized in technology and cost analysis of electronic parts and systems with a focus on semiconductor technologies,” says CEO Michel Allain. “We provide technical analysis to help customers comprehend their production processes and determine production costs. Thus, we provide information on costs of all parts they purchase. Manufacturers are able to compare their production costs to those of competitors.”

In addition to its broad portfolio of costs analyses, System Plus Consulting develops its own analysis software, which it sells to customers in various industries, including automotive, telecommunications and consumer goods.

“We have built up a sound customer base that features a long list of prominent names,” points out Mr. Allain. “We work for most car manufacturers and their main suppliers. In addition, telecom operators as well as equipment manufacturers are also to be found on our reference list.”

The analyses are used by purchasing departments to determine their suppliers’ costs as well as by research divisions to confirm technological component choices. Marketing departments use the company’s analyses to monitor products in the market.

“Our customers have understood that we are much more efficient than they are, as we are delivering fast and accurate reports,” says Mr. Allain. “Likewise, we carry out analyses on our own behalf and sell the reports as off-the-shelf publications.”

In the coming years, System Plus Consulting is going to expand its portfolio by new topics and new products, including batteries and screens. It is about to broaden its report output and create added value by simultaneously analyzing products from the same product group.

Due to its committed staff, System Plus Consulting has gathered a huge internal know-how that it can use to maintain its vanguard market position.

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