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STid, expert in contactless identification


Since Guy Pluvinage founded STid in 1996, solutions for personal identification and vehicle identification have remained the mainstay of business at a rate of 85%. Product identification was adopted in year 2000 and accounts for 15% of the company’s total turnover.

“Access control is a mature market with competition from major international players,” points out Vincent Dupart, General Manager and delegated proprietor of STid. “In the niche market of product identification we excel with innovative solutions and growth rates of 25%.”

Innovation has been the key to success for STid all along and resulted in solutions that are guided by customers’ needs and advancing technology.

“We offer systems for extremely demanding environments, for example the aviation industry or the offshore industry,” says Mr. Dupart. “Quite often we develop novelties that are used by our customers straight away, combining innovation with market orientation.”

The fact that 15 of the company’s 40 employees are involved in R&D underlines its focus on innovation, just like the award STid was granted at the EXPO Protection 2014 for its new Bluetooth access control.

“We bank on our innovative strength in order to strengthen our position in the competitive market,” explains Mr. Dupart with a view to the future. “Our aim is to raise our export share from 30% to 50% and expand our existing good contacts in Europe and overseas.”

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