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Four functions in one solution


Based in Saint-Herblain, close to Nantes in western France, Systovi develops and produces multi-energy solutions with the potential to revolutionize the photovoltaic industry. The company was established in 2008 by three former managers of the French Vaillant/Saunier Duval Group: Pascal Janot, Mohamed Benabdelkarim and a third partner who has passed away in the meantime.

Systovi started off as a provider of photovoltaic roof systems. In the seven years since its foundation, the company has developed into a leader in aerovoltaics, an innovative technology offering major savings through the combination of power generation, heating support and air recovery.

Systovi offers three solar energy solutions: the high-performance solar photovoltaic system V-SYS, the solar aerothermal system R-SUN and the patented solar aerovoltaic system R-VOLT, the flagship solution in the portfolio. “R-VOLT is an innovative solar panel that combines four functions into one product: electricity generation, heating support, cooling in summer and air purification,” explains Sales & Marketing Director Vincent Arrouet, who has been with Systovi since 2011. “Compared to conventional photovoltaic systems, which use a mere 20% of the sun’s power, R-VOLT utilizes 80% and thus results in substantial cost savings for the homeowner.”

Systovi distributes its systems through electrical equipment wholesalers, renewable energy businesses and the heating, ventilation and air conditioning trade. The company has 70 employees and turns over 18 million EUR. Its manufacturing plant in Saint-Herblain has an annual production capacity of 40 MWp – or enough to equip more than 1,000 houses per month with state-of-the-art multi-energy systems.

“Our current monthly output is 350 systems,” states Mr. Arrouet. Systovi ships 20% of its products abroad. “Our main export markets are the Benelux countries, Italy, Switzerland and the UK.” The sustained, international success of Systovi is based on constant innovation. “We have seven people in applied research and product development and spend an average of 8% of sales for the development of new, innovative technologies,” states Mr. Arrouet.

Systovi operates in a market which is characterized by reduced compensation for electricity fed into the grid. “We are facing this challenge by offering sophisticated, high-tech energy solutions that provide homeowners with added value through the combination of power generation, heat use and air recovery,” says Mr. Arrouet. As a technology leader, Systovi offers homeowners and installers above-average returns and guaranteed profitability.

“Competitors are trying to copy the technology, but we have a decisive lead since you need expertise in both photovoltaics and thermal technology, and we have managed to combine these competences in a unique manner,” explains Mr. Arrouet.

Systovi aims to further develop its international market presence. “We want to make our R-VOLT aerovoltaic technology the best-selling autonomous energy system in the world,” Mr. Arrouet describes the company’s vision. “The eventual goal is to develop the technology into a benchmark solution for an active house which generates more energy than it uses.”

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