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Train travel for rural riders


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Started at the turn of the century, this ambitious company tripled the number of trips it carried out within the first eleven years of operation, completing three million journeys. This number increased again in 2017 and continues to climb today. In tandem, the frequency of the trips offered also rose, and now a train runs every hour between the cities of Börlange and Örebro / Hallsberg. The company, which services the Bergslagen region of Sweden, worked with the Swedish Transport Administration to shorten travel times and make it easier for riders to leave their cars at home.

Being able to keep the car parked at home is not as impressive when a location is heavily populated and has a lot of public transportation to choose from, but the Bergslagen area of Sweden is larger than all of Denmark, has a population of only about one million people and is the home of any of the country’s heavy industries, such as mining.

“Our train services have actually helped develop the counties they run in,” explains Hugo Oljemark, CEO. “Where we have train stops, the population is increasing, and where there are no stops, it is decreasing.” The firm is also essential for all the industries that are active in the region since it is the main way many of the area’s employees get to work.

For commuters, the business offers three options:, a county card, a Movingo commuter ticket and an SJ monthly ticket. Working adults and students benefit from these different options. If a single ride for leisure, going on holiday and such is preferred, Tag i Bergslagen works with the SJ travel app to make booking a ticket easier.

Another option includes buying a ticket while on board. The firm also helps make trip planning easier by working with the Resrobot planning service. Whether traveling for work or play, the company offers additional services. Travelers can bring a bicycle while they travel, although space is limited.

Hugo Oljemark
We want more people to discover the benefits of train commuting and work to make more people travel with us and that we can gradually offer better frequency, short change times and efficient travel centers. Hugo OljemarkCEO

Additionally, two pets may accompany a single ticket holder free of charge. Like most train operators, the business offers a small food and drink selection for purchase to passengers and actively assists customers in recovering items lost or forgotten while in transit.

Furthermore, people can get regular traffic and travel updates directly from the firm’s website. This is especially helpful in the winter months when delays happen due to weather or accidents with vehicles and animals on the tracks. All the information is live updated, so passengers and their families or friends can stay informed.

Last autumn, Wi-Fi became available onboard, and this coming spring, many trains are getting a new look with fresh interiors. “Increased punctuality remains a constant goal that we try to accomplish through timetable adjustments, among other tweaks,” adds Mr. Oljemark.

Tag i Bergslagen is also making errand running or free-time travel cheaper and more accessible through its partnership with IKEA in Börlange, Sweden’s most centrally located store within the chain. “Everyone who registers their IKEA family card at the checkout and shows their receipt on the train gets to ride home for free,” says Mr. Oljemark.

This not only gives more opportunity to travel for people without a private vehicle, but also helps significantly cut down on carbon emissions. Protecting the environment is always high on the ‘to-do’ list for the firm. The future looks bright for the company, partially thanks to the government’s new infrastructure initiative to complete new constructions, renovate existing ones and modernize everything.

“This is exciting for us, because it means that two trains can enter a station simultaneously from either direction, something that has not been possible except in the larger metropolitan areas,” sums up Mr. Oljemark.