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“Our aim is to be the solution and not the problem,” sums up Antonino Silipigni. “We want to anticipate the needs of our customers and support them even before a problem comes up. Therefore we rely on both experience and innovation, profound expertise and outstanding dynamism. We never rest but always want to stay on top of the game. Innovation is extremely important and the result of our strong focus on research and development.”

The ambition to constantly develop further has always been a key driving force of the company. Founded in 1988, TAG has concentrated on vacuum heat treatment services right from day one;– because Antonino Silipigni and his two partners saw the lack of innovative technologies in this area and were keen to change this.

While they first focused on the automotive industry, step by step, they expanded markets and activities. Today, after dynamic development, TAG offers cutting-edge heating treatment solutions for the automotive, aerospace, biomedical and power generation industry.

With 70 employees, the company is able to offer challenging services including ion nitriding, sub-cooling, vacuum brazing, stripping, aluminizing, non-destructive testing and metallurgical laboratories. The vision and flexibility to go beyond technology has led to a pioneering market position.

‘Being special has long become a standard’ – as TAG emphasises. “This year, we are celebrating the 30th company anniversary,” says Mr. Silipigni. “We have deep roots but we are always open to new, exciting projects. Thankfully, we have a mixture of young and older employees, the perfect combination of innovation and experience. This way we are in a position to work out future-oriented solutions that meet the most complex market needs. We do not want to look back but forward to create added value.”

Thanks to its sound innovative spirit, TAG has always been a pioneer and leader. The company was one of the first to digitize its business processes – a decision that made it stand out at a very early stage.

Today, TAG is a widely recognized partner of customers at home and abroad. 30% of sales are generated through direct and indirect exports. Global players such as Ford, General Motors and BMW are among its customers.

“We try hard to work closely together with customers wherever they are located,” stresses Customer Service Manager Fabio Sacchi. “We take time to listen to them and to work out bespoken solutions. At the moment, Europe is our most important market, but we are ready to embrace new markets. The world is changing constantly. Thanks to the internet and digital technologies it is now easy to communicate with partners all over the world, to share information and inspiration and to realize new ideas.”

Exciting ideas are already in the pipeline. In 2019, TAG will introduce an HIP (Hot Isostatic Press) furnace to its systems fleet to boost its international expansion. “It is fascinating to see the constant development of the market and the company,” as Laura Silipigni says. “There are always new projects motivating us to broaden our horizons.”