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Experience combined with results


It takes experience to build a successful management consultancy business. When Dr. Armin Frisch and Gerd Wehner decided to set up TARGUS Management Consulting AG in 2001, they both brought a lot of industry experience to their new venture. Dr. Frisch had amassed eight years of consulting experience with the global consultant McKinsey while his partner Mr. Wehner brought more than 15 years’ consulting experience and eight years’ line management expertise in production and supply chain management to the table.

In founding TARGUS, both men were able to fulfil a longtreasured dream. For Dr. Frisch, TARGUS is the realisation of a consulting vision, a promise of professional growth and a lot of personal freedom. Experience is just the starting point; in order to grow a consulting business, it has to be able to demonstrate an ability to achieve concrete results. TARGUS has managed this consistently over the last decade in a series of major projects conducted on behalf of multinational groups as well as mid-sized companies and public sector organisations.

The focus of its work is the industrial sector, and recent projects have been completed in the automotive industry, plant engineering and construction, and the metal, chemical, pharmaceutical and transport industries to name just a few of the sectors in which TARGUS is active. Its areas of expertise cover sales and marketing, research and development, purchasing, production, supply chain management and maintenance.

“The typical project objectives that we are tasked to achieve cover cost and efficiency optimisation, process restructuring, business development, site transfer and reorganisation of company structures,” says Mr. Wehner. “We take a highly systematic approach to each project, employing proven concepts to provide a tailored solution for our customers.” A particular strength is in the optimisation of material and product costs as well as operational excellence.

TARGUS excels in recognising hidden potential and bringing it to the fore. “The first step involves defining the goal to be achieved,” says Mr. Wehner. “Only then can we plan how to achieve it. We identify the theoretical minimum that is required to operate a particular area of the production process with maximum efficiency. Then we can select the most appropriate tools and methods to achieve this goal and design an effective solution.”

Highly experienced and qualified teams of consultants implement these solutions to enable customers to meet their efficiency targets. TARGUS has 42 staff on its payroll, including freelance specialists. Turnover development is strongly positive and currently amounts to approximately 14 million EUR. Around 60% of turnover is generated in export markets, generally as a result of projects carried out on behalf of German companies with foreign activities.

Thanks to the success of projects carried out in the US on behalf of its multinational German clients, TARGUS has set up an American subsidiary. “The key to success is creating sustainable business solutions that can be implemented, monitored and evaluated, and that pay for themselves within the short term,” says Mr. Wehner. Rapid turnaround is a key factor in the success of TARGUS solutions in gaining its clients a competitive advantage. Here again, TARGUS’ experience makes the difference.

“Due to our experience, we quickly identify the main drivers for the necessary change and are able to focus our efforts accordingly,” says Mr. Wehner. “By being faster we can make a real impact and start to see benefits, which quickly exceed the project costs several times over.” With 20% growth expected in 2012, TARGUS is exceeding its own targets by meeting those of its clients.

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