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Mixing up the market


“Our main product is a rotating mixing head for plastics,” says Udo Tartler, Managing Director of TARTLER GmbH. “It eliminates special waste disposal, so it’s ecofriendly. Over 90% of our systems operate using this mixing head.”

The rotating mixer is not the only feather in TARTLER’s cap, however: The company has registered 13 new patents in recent years, and new products are constantly in development. “We are working on a vacuum device to be launched later this year,” Mr. Tartler reveals. “It presses the air out of the material completely. That’s important because air in the material could lead to contamination or splatter.”

With the vacuum device, a supplier drum can be changed with the push of a button, allowing producers to switch materials quickly. TARTLER produces machines worth up to 600,000 EUR, and its modular production means every machine is one of a kind.

“All of our machines are customized,” the Managing Director says. “We discuss all the details – the working conditions of the machine, the materials – with the customer. It seems that most people know exactly what they don’t want only after a machine has been delivered. We avoid that by talking with the customer prior to production. We work with their ideas from the outset to give them what they need.”

In line with this, service has top priority at TARTLER. Comprehensive pre-delivery information stops potential problems in their tracks.

“We also have extensive spare parts because we know that machine downtimes mean low productivity for our customers,” Mr. Tartler highlights. “From our innovative strength to our short reaction times, we’re there to support our customers.”

Companies that work with close contour paste, resin transfer moulding, encapsulation or other production processes count on TARTLER. 65% of the company’s production is destined for foreign markets, including Turkey, India, Russia, Brazil, China, South Africa and Australia.

“We were at the right place at the right time,” Mr. Tartler says of its global reach. “The components are readily available, and maintenance costs are low. These factors have given us a solid reputation in the market.”

New trends in the mixing market include wet combustion processing and vacuum infusion, which requires new kinds of resins. TARTLER aims to face these new challenges with new patents. “We supply customized machines, and demand is sure to increase,” the Managing Director says. “And if we continue with patents as planned, I won’t be too concerned about our future.”

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