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Smooth transaction thanks to effective change management


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Founded in Böblingen in 1945 as a small workshop, KISSLING moved to its current headquarters in Wildberg in 1958 and evolved into a renowned switch specialist. KISSLING manufactures rugged switches and high-power relays for demanding applications that must operate reliably under extreme conditions such as humidity, freezing temperatures, dirt and pressure.

“Our latest development is a power distribution unit (PDU) – a central electric system – designed to meet requirements emerging from the market trend towards electrification, both in the automotive and general industrial sectors,” explains Stefanie Moser, KISSLING’s General Manager. “Europe, the US and China are all very important markets for us. We offer a full engineering service – customized solutions created by expert staff who provide comprehensive technical advice and support.”

Thanks to the acquisition by TE, KISSLING's worldwide network of sales and technical support is now significantly stronger, and its product range perfectly complements TE's portfolio of sensors and connectivity solutions – a true win-win situation. Nevertheless, to leverage its full potential, Ms. Moser is calling on her extensive experience in company integrations.

“It is very important to me to think not only about the integration of products and services, but also the employees and their culture,” she says. “Every company has its own, unique characteristics. KISSLING is transitioning from an owner-led manufacturer to becoming part of a global industrial technology leader, and it is crucial that our 450 employees make this journey with us. We have established an experienced integration team, and we ensure that the staff are informed of new developments and are involved in the decision-making process as much as possible. For me personally, change management in relation to company culture is fundamental. Communication, the tools we use – newsletters, postcards, participation in TE's annual Orange Day which was also implemented at KISSLING – and even how we celebrate success: These things ensure that the entire staff feel they belong to the new organization. It has worked very well, and it is great to see how our employees have really connected in such a short time. We have created a culture in which people are willing to embrace ongoing change.”

Ms. Moser's experience has also taught her that time is of the essence. “A five-year integration period is useless,” she underlines. “Speed is everything, otherwise you lose momentum.”

“In a company, a speedy integration is everything, otherwise you lose momentum.” Stefanie MoserGeneral Manager
TE Connectivity KISSLING Products GmbH Stefanie Moser

With the integration of KISSLING into TE Connectivity well under way, the company is now looking to leverage the significant benefits. The trend for electrification and connectivity offers the potential for many new opportunities for KISSLING, which is already very strong in the commercial vehicle sector – heavy goods vehicles (HGVs), construction and agricultural vehicles, for example. “Vehicles are becoming smarter, and the industry moving from combustion engines to e-motors,” Moser points out.

“Electric school buses, garbage trucks, port and airport vehicles: All of these will require PDUs, which is what we specialize in. Through TE, our access to the worldwide market has been enhanced.” Ms. Moser began her career as a transaction advisor, joining TE ten years ago to focus on corporate acquisitions. “The opportunity to run a company after a takeover always appealed to me,” she concludes. “Effective preparation leading up to company handover is vital, but in a transformation, value generation only takes place afterwards, and the implementation of plans and strategies are equally important. It is this aspect that really fascinates me.”

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