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IT service at its best


“We have always had a very clear mission in mind,” says Managing Director Elio Radice. “As we want to create added value for engineering departments, we manage IT infrastructures and provide design services. This way we allow manufacturing companies to focus on their core competences and enhance their business.”

When Mr. Radice founded the company in 1997, he knew exactly what he was doing. For many years, he had worked in large, globally operating companies such as Hewlett Packard, Digital and General Electric.

After an assignment in Germany, he returned to Italy and decided to establish his own business. “Right from the start, we had the idea to provide IT services to engineering-related companies,” explains Mr. Radice. “The reason for this specialization was simple. This was what I knew from my previous jobs. And indeed, it was the right decision. We started operating in a market niche with several competitors, but the market still incorporated a lot of potential. I started visiting companies I knew from the past to present our strategy and philosophy. At the beginning, it was crucial to convince them with integrity and credibility.”

TECH-VALUE began concentrating on big companies first before in 2003, also small and medium-sized companies became target groups. Still today, TECH-VALUE differentiates between the two divisions of large customers with more than 50 workstations, and small and medium-sized companies.

80 employees work in the offices in Milan, Turin, Genoa and Fara Vicentino. The company is stocklisted and has the certifications ISO 20000 and 9001:2008. In 2014, TECH-VALUE increased turnover by 13.5% and generated 8.1 million EUR with an export share of 8%. Similar growth is expected for 2015.

“Among our customers are many global players,” states Mr. Radice. “We support them in Italy while the companies themselves operate internationally. This makes it hard to define an exact export rate. We support around 40 locations in Italy, Europe and South America. Especially truck and tractor producers but also ship manufacturers rely on our IT services. They are supported by our office in Milan while our Genoa office concentrates mainly on energy companies, and Turin is responsible for transport, automotive and engineering companies.”

The fact that TECH-VALUE is able to keep up its dynamic development is the result of its strict specialization. “Our company has some very specific assets,” underlines Mr. Radice. “Competences are related to employees but also to remote management services. It is a great advantage that we use technologies we developed. In terms of remote management, there is no other serious competitor with similar expertise and know-how. Furthermore, we are able to offer a broad range of services from development to data management. We manage data all along the product life cycle.”

But customers appreciate not only these technical skills. TECHVALUE means integrity, continuity and financial soundness. “We are interested in long-term partnerships. Our aim is to grow but not at any price. Last year, we went public, which means that expectations are high now, and it is a hard job to grow in a flat market. You need to be better than other competitors, which is quite a challenge. We want to grow in a healthy, sustainable way. This includes keeping an eye on results, expanding the customer base and being open to new technologies. Unfortunately, the time is not ripe yet to strengthen our position on foreign markets. I visited Germany, Spain and Great Britain – countries where manufacturing plays an important role – but it would be too early to establish subsidiaries in those countries. Before pushing our internationalization, we need to keep growing in Italy. In the long run, this will clearly be realistic, in particular because of ongoing globalization. We have worked out the right business strategy, but we have the time to wait.”

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