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Keeping it glassy


Techglass has been operating for more than 25 years and supplies glass furnaces, forehearths, batch plants and all related services to its clientele. The company’s ability to perform every step of the process has earned it a worldwide client base.

Customers are located in Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Germany, France, Italy, the United States, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iran and India. Taking a closer look at each of the products and services offered by Techglass helps show each step the company takes to ensure high quality and excellent functionality.

In terms of the glass furnaces, Techglass designs and supplies the materials for all required equipment and systems, and builds and tests each furnace. The design phase includes the refractory materials, the steel structure and any other furnace equipment that the customer may require.

The manufacturing phase involves crafting the steel structure from the blueprint, putting in suitable combustion, cooling, instrumentation and control systems, adding in the various flue systems, putting in the burners and many other steps.

Importantly, the furnaces offered by Techglass are very fuel efficient and have low levels of NO and CO2 emissions. “Not only are our furnaces more environmentally friendly, they are also long lasting due to the careful selection of the refractory materials,” adds Andrzej Skowiniak, President of Techglass.

This care and consideration extends to each of the company’s products and services. The forehearths supplied by the business are designed for easy glass temperature control in the separate zones and are equipped with radial or indirect cooling.

“The glass first cooling zone is axially split in our forehearths, so that the combustion components operate independently from left to right,” explains Michal Skowiniak, Vice President. The forehearths can also be constructed with elevation controls.

All of these options enable the glass producer to obtain thermally homogenous glass for further processing. In addition to furnaces and forehearths, Techglass also constructs new batchhouses or helps modernize old ones that are used in glass production facilities.

Techglass does not just create products; it services them as well. The company runs diagnostic inspections of furnaces using endoscopic cameras, infrared cameras and other diagnostic tools. If something is not functioning correctly, the highly trained staff can perform hot repairs, the sealing of melting end and regenerator walls, mechanical and thermal cleaning, and many other repair processes.

The company also offers to help integrate various glass plant instruments and control systems and will help install other industrial furnaces made from different materials. “We are a full-service provider,” says Andrzej Skowiniak. “We will always go the extra mile when it comes to keeping our customers happy.”

Techglass works mainly with glassmakers within the container industry. This allows the company to concentrate on producing smaller-sized furnaces in comparison to float furnaces and really become experts in this field. To reach more customers, the business is active at trade fairs and does a lot of direct networking.

Within the next few years, Techglass wants to increase its worldwide presence, create more jobs in the supervising department of the company, and continue to develop and improve its products. “We’ll continue to push the boundaries and make more efficient and environmentally friendly systems,” sums up Michal Skowiniak.

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