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A home for data


Telehouse is a company of firsts having come in on the ground floor at the start of the internet age. The company was founded in 1989 as a subsidiary of KDDI Corporation, a Japanese telecommunications company specializing in fibre optic networks and managed services.

The first Telehouse data center was established in New York in 1989. It was followed a year later by Telehouse North in London’s Docklands, making it the first co-location provider in Europe. European expansion took off in earnest with the opening of Telehouse Jeûneurs in the heart of Paris in 1996.

It was followed by Telehouse Voltaire in the city’s 11th arrondissement in 2001 and Telehouse Magny-Les-Hameaux in 2009, which is located on a former military site approximately 30 mins from the center of Paris.

“Today, the data centers operated by Telehouse France in Paris are the primary home for France’s main internet exchange, France IX, making them an indispensable part of the core network for the country’s IT systems,” says Commercial and Marketing Director Julien Pellegrin. “70% of internet traffic in France passes through our Voltaire hub.”

With a total co-location space of 7,000 m², Telehouse Paris Voltaire is one of the largest data centers in Paris and the biggest of the company’s three data centers in the city. Telehouse is certified PCI-DSS (chap 9 and 12) and ISO 27001 for outstanding data security measures.

“We offer our clients the most advanced, reliable and secure off-site IT and communications facilities in the market with the key advantages of environmental control, high availability including redundancy up to 2N+1, fire detection/suppression and multilayer physical security systems,” says Mr. Pellegrin. “These benefits have persuaded many of the leading businesses to choose us for their connectivity requirements.”

The latest addition to its impressive client roster is leading online marketplace Amazon, which signed a deal with Telehouse France last summer. “Amazon chose us for its connectivity requirements in the French market because we represent all of the actors and ecological systems in the digital environment.”

The figures speak for themselves. Telehouse is the number one for connectivity in France and third in Europe. Its offer encompasses data centers, connectivity and cloud services. “We offer the entire IT infrastructure process chain starting with electrical capacity, server operation and related services, and cloud solutions in so-called hybrid contracts combining physical co-location with virtual services such as cloud hosting,” explains Mr. Pellegrin. “Many of our competitors only offer the physical space but not the associated cloud services.”

Based on its success in France so far, Telehouse is keen to expand its capacity. Its third site outside Paris offers ample space for further growth. At the same time, Telehouse is keen to broaden its cloud hosting services to accommodate both private and public clouds.

“Growth is at double digits in our cloud solutions,” says Mr. Pellegrin. “Ensuring security is the key concern in the industry  and we operate according to a Europe-wide data privacy concept.”

Another issue is environmental protection. Here, Telehouse is the only provider to hold AFNOR certification for the ecological concept behind its cloud services.

“We have been able to reduce electricity consumption by 40% for our cloud-based solutions,” adds Mr. Pellegrin. “This is a decisive factor in our favour and certainly one that will encourage more corporations and small businesses in Europe to make Telehouse the home for their data.”

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