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TelemaxX Telekommunikation GmbH was founded in 1999 in the aftermath of the comprehensive deregulation that was designed to increase market competition, develop administrative efficiency and competence, as well as enhance the quality of products and services.

“In those years, more than 100 new telecommunications companies were set up, and the region around Karlsruhe was no exception. Like many other cities, Karlsruhe’s public energy supplier founded a telecommunications subsidiary which has continuously expanded its service and product portfolio to this day,” points out Managing Director Dieter Kettermann who has been working for TelemaxX since 1999, having already forged a long career in the market.

TelemaxX has been focusing exclusively on the B2B segment and has added managed services, including IP services and VOIP services as well as data center services, and it has invested in its high-security data center in Karlsruhe. “We have specialized in offering individual solutions for our business customers for data center space and server housing. We guarantee operational safety which is what our customers ask for. Among them, you can find companies from the whole industrial spectrum as well as many public utilities from the entire southwest,” points out Mr. Kettermann. “We are located in the so-called technology region of Germany, and we have become a reliable service provider for our customers on a long-term basis.”

Right from the beginning, TelemaxX has been determined to focus primarily on the B2B segment, without any special offerings for B2C customers. This was a strategic decision in order to service other telecommunications companies which are using TelemaxX’s data lines.

“Currently our strategy focuses on broadband services and on the provision of telecommunications services, mainly related to the topic of our continuously expanded data center. Managed services have become increasingly important recently. This means we are not just renting out data center space but we also take on the operation of IT hardware and software for our customers, including the operating system level, and we aim to continue this way,” points out Mr. Kettermann.

At the moment, TelemaxX employs a workforce of 100 people and, despite having openings for new and talented staff, is finding it increasingly difficult to find the right people to fill these roles.

“This is one of the reasons why we have a lot of trainees. At the moment we have 30 apprentices, with ten completing their training every year. Most of them continue working for us,” adds Mr. Kettermann. In the past few years, TelemaxX has achieved growth of between 5 and 10% annually, with turnover rising to 30 million EUR. Despite its main focus being on regional customers in the economically sound region, the company services customers all over Germany, among them even some international companies which operate subsidiaries in Germany.

“We are thinking of going international in the future. The neighbouring countries will be an option. However, our data center, which is at the heart of our operations, will remain in Karlsruhe, from where we can best manage our business,” states Mr. Kettermann.

TelemaxX is acting in an everexpanding market and, like most Germany-based competitors, it has the advantage of a highly secure and stable location. It is extremely lucky to be able to fall back on a high level of legal security which one will not find everywhere. This is why a growing number of international companies are interested in outsourcing their IT infrastructure to Germany, as here access to sensitive data is not provided easily but is subject to fixed legal conditions.

“This legal security is really an aspect which cannot be underestimated when attracting an international customer base,” adds Mr. Kettermann. “Nevertheless, it is still the overall value for money which plays a decisive role when customers choose a data center for colocation services. We offer individually tailored data center space with redundant energy supply, emergency power, climate control, fire protection plus surveillance and access control, which are considered crucial factors for trouble-free operations.”

For the coming years, TelemaxX predicts that more and more customers will request a data center operator as their service provider. “While in the past, they were mainly interested in renting the space only, they now are looking for turnkey services from the provider. We will meet these demands and expand this business segment,” says Mr. Kettermann. Data center services and managed services for data center activities will remain TelemaxX’s core activities.