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Standing on safety and quality


Telesteps was founded in 1996 and since its inception it has always done things a little differently. The company’s goal is simple: to be the most inspiring and innovative brand in the industry.

“When we developed and designed the world’s most intelligent telescopic ladder, we needed to create a perfect profile not only for the design but, more importantly, the strength,” adds Peter Heim, CEO.

The company is confident that there are many details in the design of its ladders that meet or exceed expectations when it comes to safety and functionality. It all started when Telesteps attended a trade show for tools in Las Vegas.

At the trade show, the representatives of Telesteps met Richard and Jim Weston, two brothers who had invented a simple version of a telescopic ladder. Telesteps saw the potential and purchased the patent. The firm already owned the patent for auto step, which allows users to close a ladder by pressing two buttons, rather than having to close each individual section by hand.

The auto step combined with the telescopic feature, created a ladder that, when folded, is very compact (70 to 80 cm), can extend to 4 m and can be refolded at the push of a button.

Telesteps kept innovating and designing and today the business offers its customers six lines to choose from: Classico, Combi, Solid, Loft, Eco and Prime. “Our Prime Line is the most popular and has become the company’s flagship range,” says Mr. Heim.

When looking at the features, it is easy to see why this ladder is so well liked by the firm’s customers. Prime ladders come in two sizes, 3.2 and 3.8 m, and the latest development of the 4.1 m ladder. Each size comes in a triangular design for increased stability and strength, has a correct leaning angle, friction profiles on the steps to minimize slipping, angled rubber feet, dirt channels, wide safety treads, and is recyclable. Useful accessories such as adjustable safety feet, a carry bag, additional rubber feet and ice spikes can also be purchased.

The other lines offered by the company are all designed for different purposes. The Classico Line is the original and has more basic features while never compromising on safety and functionality. The Combi Line boasts three ladders in one design and is perfect for people that have to be on a ladder for an extended period of time.

The Solid Line provides the steadiest surface possible, other than the ground itself. “This range is ideal for people who don’t want to be stepping up and down the platform constantly in order to move right and left,” adds Mr. Heim.

The Loft Line allows people to access their attics or other lofted spaces with ease. It also only requires a small loft opening for installation, so it is perfect for every loft size. Finally, the Eco Line is fully automatic, cost efficient and has an air-damping system.

No matter what work is to be undertaken, Telesteps has an effective solution. The company is constantly challenging itself to continue to create a better ladder with every new design and innovation.

Recently, the firm has also been challenging itself on the marketing side of the business. “It can be hard to get the word out about your company when you do not have direct contact with end users,” says Mr. Heim. To combat this problem, Telesteps has become more active on various social media platforms, puts out a catalogue and attends trade fairs.

The firm also wants to branch out into other industries. “We want to bring our telescopic technique to the automotive and aviation sectors, we are very proactive,” adds Mr. Heim. Soon, not even the sky will be the limit for this ambitious company.

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