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Setting the tone


TEMO-Telekomunikace was originally founded as a partnership, but now one individual, Ing. Jan Kolár, owns 100% of the shares. Since its start, TEMO has established itself as a major player in the Czech telecommunications market, including low and high-voltage systems and networks.

TEMO currently focuses on the core area of metallic and optic networks, which currently account for about 50% of its revenues. However, the firm has a wide range of other offerings, including data systems, security systems, sound and emergency systems, and home automation.

The younger Mr. Kolár is quick to add that the company does not just manufacture products, but provides complete solutions, including solution proposals, project design, realisation and maintenance service. Additionally, TEMO distinguishes itself from competitors by having its own skilled employees carry out 97% of its activities, which allows it to achieve a level of quality other firms in the industry cannot attain.

“We have distinguished ourselves through our consistent quality. This is possible because 97% of all tasks are carried out by our own employees,” explains Mr. Kolár, Future plans for TEMO include expanding into the EU market. To this end, the company has begun building base stations for networks in Germany.

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