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Your staffing partner in Belgium


“Tempo-Team is quick, dynamic and progressive,” explains Managing Director Bjørn Toonen. “At the same time, we are social, caring and enthusiastic.”

Altogether, Tempo-Team in Belgium unites six entities. These are staffing, in-house, professionals, household, outplacement and child care.

“Our household entity has been developed for the Belgian market exclusively,” says Mr. Toonen. “We used to have a huge black market for household jobs in Belgium, for example for cleaning or gardening jobs. In order to handle this problem, our government decided to give those people proper jobs and to employ them. Now, people can buy cheques at nine EUR per hour and rent those services. We have been authorized by the government to sell these cheques.”

Another unique service of Tempo-Team is the company’s child care service. Tempo-Team offers companies professional child care when kids have to stay at home because they are ill. That way, their parents can still go to work.

At present, staffing is the mainstay of the Belgian business. “Currently, we also recognize an increasing demand for professionals and in-house services,” says the Managing Director. “The Belgian market is growing, and the demand for staffing services is growing with it. Therefore, companies have more personnel issues on their agenda, for example compliance activities. Of course, qualification is a major issue, too. Here, we developed our own strategy. We believe that it is our obligation to train people to a certain level and to coach them. Not everybody is able to earn a bachelor’s degree, but many can be trained to be at a bachelor’s level in certain aspects.”

In the beginning, Tempo-Team used to focus on big clients. Now, the company also concentrates on the SME market. Here, the Belgian team serves a wide range of industries. In order to grow its brand awareness, Tempo-Team actively markets its services. In addition to this, the company strongly benefits from word-of-mouth advertising.

“The proximity of our consultants to our clients is one of our key assets,” says Mr. Toonen. “Our consultants are our best marketing tool. In addition to this, our clients appreciate that they have a central contact person.”

Mr. Toonen sees promising growth prospects for the coming years. Only recently, Tempo-Team started to work on its new content platform in order to enhance a consistent brand communication in the B2B and B2C market.

“We are also about to start up a new specialty in staffing which is called ‘construct’ for construction,” he explains. “The construction market in Belgium is growing rapidly. Against the background of this new service, the consistent communication of our brand becomes even more important. In the long run, we aim to be recognized as a market challenger and be taken into consideration by every company in Belgium.”

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