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Just feel well


“We provide wellness, healthcare, and holidays in all different shapes and sizes,” states Area Sales Manager Iztok Prevolsek proudly. And this is surely no exaggeration: TERME OLIMIA, which was founded 50 years ago as a state-owned enterprise, embraces a bathing complex that offers pools and spas, saunas and a great variety of wellness and health treatments. Parallel to that, it also has AQUALUNA an outdoor leisure Aquapark laid out for 3,000 visitors.

“During the summer, our leisure pool is usually frequented by around 1,000 of our guests each day and another 2,000 external visitors who come for a day’s bathing trip,” says Mr. Prevolsek.

Comfort and the overall wellbeing of its guests are the company’s highest priority says the Area Sales Manager, who has worked for the company for 14 years and speaks fluent German: “We regard our guests as our friends. We want them to enjoy their stay with us.”

Guests can choose between three hotels, one of them being an Apart Hotel, or opt for the five-star campsite. At least as much importance is attached to the human aspect as to luxurious lodging.

“A crucial condition is that our staff are content, because an employee who identifies with his work ensures that our guests are also content,” Mr. Prevolsek explains. “We value the people working for us and make sure they enjoy coming to work.”

With around 900 overnight stays per day amounting to approximately 320,000 nights booked annually, TERME OLIMIA d.d. correspondingly employs many highly trained and multilingual staff – between 280 and 350, depending on the season – and is the biggest employer in the region.

For the last seven years, the company has also had a subsidiary in Croatia with a further 200 employees. The skills shortage is an issue, though, as qualified personnel are difficult to find. “This is why we have switched to training and educating our employees mainly in-house,” underlines Mr. Prevolsek.

Besides its kind and highly qualified employees, the Area Sales Manager sees his company’s success as being based on several other factors: “We have always emphasized our advantages as a Slovenian destination. We have developed the local infrastructure accordingly and work hand in hand with other local institutions. Therefore, we are not perceived only as a thermal spa, but as a part of our locality and region.

It is probably this fact that is attracting a growing number of tourists from abroad: Where previously 70% of its guests were Slovenian, 50% of its current clientele come from Italy, Austria, Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands, Croatia and France.

“As we are also an officially recognized health resort – for example we do research on new therapeutic methods in collaboration with the University of Prague – we have many rehabilitation patients come to us,” says Mr. Prevolsek. “Otherwise, due to our broad portfolio, we have a colourful mixture of guests. Couples, older people, families, singletons – everybody can feel at home, as we can fulfil so many of our guests’ wishes.”

Sports tourism is also gaining momentum. In the immediate vicinity of its bathing complex, the company has built a soccer stadium as well as a multi-purpose sports hall where several national championships and a European Championship have already taken place.

Furthermore, TERME OLIMIA d.d. has also become active in the field of cultural tourism. “For us, this is increasingly becoming an important issue,” reveals Mr. Prevolsek. “Parties and concerts take place here on a regular basis, which attracts a new and interesting target group.”

Last but not least, the company experiences a boom in congress tourism as well. Altogether, approximately 750 participants can be seated. For their well-being, TERME OLIMIA d.d. compiles diverse programmes including wellness wellness or sauna services and tours through the stunning landscapes.

“We are committed to bring the right people and organizations together and set the foundation for true partnerships at a beautiful destination, OLIMIA,“ adds Mr. Prevolsek.

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