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Optimizing for mutual success


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“Our customers’ problems are our problems; their success is our success, and is dependent on what we do and how we work,” stresses CEO Mirco Costantini. Central to TEX Computer’s portfolio is a platform which can be used in a wide range of different sectors, from wood working, waterjet and thermal cutting, and automatic turning to industrial sewing and printing, and sheet metal working.

Currently it is in operation in around 20 different sectors, but the possibilities are almost limitless. “The platform is the result of 30 years’ work,” notes Mr. Costantini. “One of our strengths is the fact that we have developed a system that can be used in many different areas. Each system that we sell is customized to the precise needs of the customer, and is designed to optimize the working process. A good example is the system we supplied for sewing car seats. Standard machines operate at 2,500 stitches per minute; ours achieves 3,800; in this case, we succeeded in optimizing both productivity and quality.”

Our customers’ problems are our problems; their success is our success. Mirco CostantiniCEO

 TEX develops both the software and the hardware as well as the respective peripherals – everything that the customer needs. With its six models, the company can cover 80% of market requirements. Up to 30% of TEX’s systems are exported; the company has strong customer bases in Europe, South America, China, India and Turkey.Headquartered in Cattolica near Rimini, the firm has a very active R&D department in Faenza – its eleven-strong team works in very close cooperation with the University of Bologna – and a technical sales office in Milan. “Another of our advantages is the strength of the FomGroup and our own young and dynamic team,” continues the CEO. “We are all passionate about our work; we actively and continually develop our skill base, so that we can remain a strong partner to our customers. We aim to learn something new every day.”

The secret to TEX’s success lies in a strategy which the company has followed from the outset. “We decided that we didn’t just want to sell components, but a complete solution,” underlines Mr. Costantini. “We have always been very active in developing our system, and customers know that we are highly competent in what we do.” The team is key to this competence. “The team is extremely strong,” reiterates the CEO. “In 25 years, we have not lost one single employee; in fact we have grown significantly. It is not easy to find people qualified in mechatronics, but once they join us, they stay.”