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Sharing the passion for fabrics


For more than 40 years, TEXBROD has been part of the textile industry. “Fabrics have always been our main focus,” says Managing Director Yoni Ouaknine. “Over the years, we have not only seen different fabric styles, but we also needed to adapt to new technologies and markets. The capability to react quickly to market needs has always been essential.”

It was Yoni Ouaknine’s grandfather who founded the company in 1973. Born in Casablanca, the entrepreneur established his first business in Paris distributing fabrics to the Maghreb. “At the beginning, the fabrics came from Italy,” explains Mr. Ouaknine. “Later, my grandfather sourced them in Korea and Taiwan. At that time, he focused on the North African market, where fabrics with glitter, sequins and pearls where in high demand. My grandfather was a true pioneer. He already focused on the Asian market a long time before the import boom eventually started.”

In 1980, the second generation of the Ouaknine family followed in his footsteps. TEXBROD became a succesful wholesaler in Paris. “As the times and market conditions changed, the company needed to search for new opportunities,” states Mr. Ouaknine. “There was fierce competition, and TEXBROD decided to concentrate on new markets such as prêt-àporter fashions in Paris.” From that moment on, quality fabrics were imported from Indonesia. Along with China’s boom, TEXBROD reinvented its strategy again. Due to attractive prices and short-term deliveries, the company started importing from China to increase its product volumes.

Yoni Ouaknine and his brother Mickael took over the family business in 2001 as the third generation to be involved in the fashion business. New ideas have led to a contemporary business approach. They not only bought more stylish fabrics but also designed their own products and sold them to retail chains. “Nowadays, fast fashion is a serious challenge,” explains Mr. Ouaknine. “Trends are designed and manufactured extremely quickly.” TEXBROD is able to keep pace with these challenging conditions. The company has three designers creating ten different designs every week. Only if the customer is fully satisfied, are they then put into production.

“We benefit a lot from having our own textile sampling machines in terms of flexibility and individuality,” says Mr. Ouaknine. “End production is located in Asia.” TEXBROD’s main fabrics are made of polyester and viscose; 90% of them are used for women’s garments. “Our new website presents all our products so that customers can order directly,” states Mr. Ouaknine. “As we want to enhance export activities, we hope to be at the Première Vision this year. We simply want to share our passion with international customers.”

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