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A green bag at your disposal


The company was first founded under the name Jemaco in 1982. Since 1999, the business has focused its product range on compostable bags, spa body treatment wrappings and table coverings. This shift to selling only compostable and renewable products proved to be so popular with the firm’s clientele that the company dropped all of its other activities by 2012 and changed its name to the one it uses today.

The Compost Bag Company not only sells the renewable lifestyle, it lives it. Since 2004, it has been ISO 14000 certified, and since 2009, the business has run 100% on renewable energy and uses only solvent-free inks in the production process.

“In 2012, we were officially recognized as a zero-discharge company with respect to industrial wastewater,” adds Erik Vanderlinden, Managing Director. Furthermore, all production scraps are recycled and reused within the company.

Twelve different categories of waste are collected, sorted and treated on a continuous basis. The firm never rests when it comes to innovating its processes, improving its products and further reducing its own environmental impact.

Products offered by the business include a wide range of items that are often used in daily life. Clients can purchase compostable trash can liners that range from 8 l to 240 l in capacity. Customers can also buy free-standing collection bags.

There are three types produced by The Compost Bag Company. These are 30 l starbottom wave top bags, 55 l starbottom wave top bags and 140 l starbottom bags. Other products include dog waste bags, spa treatment wraps and table covers, which can be manufactured tailor-made or as private label products.

“The spa masks contain mud, herbs, algae, coffee, chocolate and fruit pulp,” says Mr. Vanderlinden. “Since the body treatment is organic in nature, it makes sense to use compostable wraps and covers because they can be disposed of alongside the skin care ingredients.”

The final innovative product that consumers really love is the VentiMax container. The container allows water vapour from decomposing food and other waste items to escape, which helps the waste inside the bag to dry faster. This cuts down significantly on odours and bacteria.

The Compost BAg Company is known for making high-quality items at affordable prices. This business model has helped to propel the firm to a position in the top five in Europe and top ten worldwide. Future plans include increasing its presence in the French market due to the ban on polyethylene bags, increasing its production capabilities, expanding more into the German market, doing more product R&D and growing its self-marketing practices.


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