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The relaxation business


Thermarium bases its portfolio on three pillars, which are also the three steps of spa realization. Consulting is where a spa is developed from the strategic concept to the planning. Thermarium guides the investor to make sure the spa is planned and built economically. The second step is manufacture.

“We build customized products, such as saunas and steam baths tailored to the target group,” says CEO Adrian Egger, one of 25 Global Wellness Day ambassadors. “Everything is finished in the highest quality, including the installation and after-sales service.”

The final pillar is spa management. Though Thermarium does not operate the spas, it assists in setting up and auditing the spa. “We thought about what customers might need, and many of them have this question of ‘Who can I ask?’ once things are up and running,” Mr. Egger explains. “Most spa operators want three or five-year contracts, but not all customers do. We train the customers’ staff – in hotels, for instance – and after a few months, they can operate the spa themselves.”

Customers are not expected to use all three services. They are welcome to use whatever suits their needs. As such, Thermarium serves a diverse target group, including architects, project developers, planners, hotel operators and private people.

As far as private customers are concerned, the main target group is wealthy individuals. “Spas are an elite and very sensitive topic,” Mr. Egger points out. “A lot of knowledge is required to build a great spa, and that knowledge has to be recognized.”

Based on its communication strategy, Thermarium focuses on know-how and expertise transfer at trade shows and business-related conferences. Among other things, the company profits from word of mouth and, in this way, has gained an excellent reputation at an international level.

Thermarium’s reference list is long and impressive, and the locations truly span the globe. It includes the cruise liner Queen Mary II, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, the Hotel Sparkling Hill in Canada and countless others.

“We have had the pleasure of completing some really amazing projects,” the CEO enthuses. “There is often a lot of discretion involved, however, such as when we work for celebrities or Hollywood stars.”

Thermarium was established in the early 1990s during the spa and wellness boom. In fact, the company is credited with starting the craze. It was created from another company that produced ceramic surfaces. The idea arose to revive the culture of the Roman baths, complete with thermal springs.

The popularity of this unique spa company skyrocketed, and it was not long until Thermarium was working on an international stage, installing spas in the UK, France, Russia and the Middle East. The company was a true trendsetter.

Today 85% of its work is carried out abroad, though Germany, Austria and Switzerland are gaining ground. Thermarium is one of the world’s key players in spa planning and realization.

In the years to come, Mr. Egger seeks to strengthen its position at the very top of the industry still further. “We want to have that vanguard position we had in the 1990s,” he reveals. “We want designs that make people say, ‘They did it again!’ It won’t be easy, but our staff have the innovative spirit to make it happen.”

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