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Innovation forever and Ever


Thermomat’s roots date back to 1968 when it launched the first thermostatic cartridge in the world – a milestone with a huge impact on the whole industry. “Our cartridge soon became European standard,” stresses Sales Manager Jacopo Antoniazzi. “Still today, thermostatic cartridge producers in Europe consider it a role model.”

This revolutionary product was the beginning of a veritable success story. Thermomat was officially founded in 1980 and started with the production of draught regulators, industrial mixers and three way valves.

In 2002, the company shifted its focus towards accessories such as handrails to increase safety standards of bathrooms and established Thermomat Saniline. Today, both companies are operating under one roof. Thermomat has 30 employees and a turnover of eight million EUR with an export share of 30%.

In the United States, Great Britain, Russia, Spain and many countries in Northern Europe, Thermomat has long been synonymous with high quality bathroom solutions that are functional, reliable and attractive.

“When my father-in-law founded the company, he had exceptional ideas and a lot of technical knowhow,” stresses Mr. Antoniazzi. “Still today, we have a very technical approach. We transform traditional objects into modern furnishing accessories. This innovative spirit sets us apart from the market. Every year, we introduce new products, all made in Italy and many of them patented. Due to our strong focus on research and development we have always been a pioneer to the market. If you really want to understand the market it is crucial to listen to customers’ needs. And this is exactly what we are doing. This way we create innovative products of exceptional quality and a good value for money. Thermomat is synonymous with elegance, comfort and safety in the bathroom.”

With its new brand ‘Ever Life Design’ Thermomat is going to strengthen its reputation as a market pioneer. Introduced at the end of 2012, Ever has been extremely successful right from the start.

“Ever is a brand new and quite unusual concept,” underlines Mr. Antoniazzi. “We believe it has great potential and have invested a lot. Four contemporary design collections not only add value in terms of safety and comfort but are also outstanding because of their formal simplicity and elegance. Basically it is very simple. Our products help to create bathrooms where children, adults and elderly people can live side by side with their individual needs.”

Part of the Ever collection is ‘Bounce’, an appealing sink made of soft polyurethane with a smooth and silky texture. “We decided to work with polyurethane for different reasons,” says Mr. Antoniazzi. “It absorbs shocks caused by accidents and falls, is easy to clean, very hygienic and resistant to water temperatures of up to 70°. Additionally, we offer matching accessories to hang towels and place objects and containers.”

‘Stony’ is another washbasin of the Ever series. Made of stone resin and available in four different colours it has curvy shapes and is characterized by a touch of eclecticism, as Mr. Antoniazzi explains. “Stone resin is an extremely durable, solid material. At the same time, ‘Stony’ has a smooth surface and is free from sharp edges. In 2016, we will present four completely new Ever collections and we are very optimistic that they will be successful. At Thermomat, we are proud of our young, motivated and creative team members. Employees have an average age of 35, they are keen to explore the world. It is a great pleasure to work with these committed people and to give traditional objects new meaning. ”

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