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Making people smile


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‘Turn the world upside down’ is the motto of the Danish brand and the secret of its success. “We want to create a fun shopping experience and put a smile on people’s faces,” says Jürgen Kleine-Berkenbusch, Operation Manager of TIGER Deutschland GmbH. “It is not only about products, it is about giving people experiences to share with their loved ones. Flying Tiger Copenhagen believes that relationships and experiences are what make people happy. And ultimately happiness is what we want to give to our customers. That is what makes us happy in return.”

The first store called Tiger opened in Copenhagen in 1995 under the Zebra parent company. The first Flying Tiger Copenhagen in Germany was opened in 2006. Today, the group operates 45 stores throughout Germany, employing around 300 people or rather 350 people in cooperation with partners.

“Germany is a huge market for TIGER, although it is quite different from the Danish market,” explains Mr. Kleine-Berkenbusch, who joined the group three years ago. “However, our unique culture and brand and retail concept work worldwide.”

Flying Tiger Copenhagen presents its customers a world, where they can feel welcome. They can step into the stores and join a world that is dominated by unique experiences and creative, fun and useful products. The company’s mission is to engage with people’s lives, to help them live their values and ideas and connect to the people that matter to them.

The broad product range includes categories such as home, hobby and party or toys, electronics and gadgets as well as food, animal supplies and accessories. Each month, up to 300 new products find their way into the assortment.

“Our founder Lennart Lajboschitz had the idea to be unique with the products, only offering goods with special characteristics when it comes to the design or the functionality,” states the Operation Manager. “It is also important that our products are affordable. You can compare us to a discounter when it comes to prices, but the customers should feel like millionaires after leaving our stores because they get a really high value for their money.”

Besides the trend towards digitalization and online business, TIGER clearly focuses on the stationary trade. The stores give the customers the opportunity to discover the full range of products and to try out some of the products. In addition, the employees are always there to help and are committed to improve the shopping experience for the customers.

However, the digital media play an important role in the marketing strategy of Flying Tiger Copenhagen. The rapid growth of the Zebra group and its TIGER stores is likely to continue in the future.

“We are very ambitious when it comes to the further development in Germany,” says Mr. Kleine-Berkenbusch. “We plan to have around 150 stores in the next five years. The challenge is to find the right locations. But we will face this challenge as fearlessly as a tiger and will keep on turning the world upside down and putting a smile on people’s faces.”