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Full steam ahead


TLV has gained international renown with innovative and reliable steam traps. In particular the A3, the world’s first steam heating, condensate cooling, double-jacketed thermodynamic steam trap, set new benchmarks. TLV also invented the Free Float steam trap, the most efficient mechanical trap in the world.

The PowerTrap® is another product highlight characterized by high quality, easy maintenance and a unique snapaction mechanism. The pump excels in open systems and reliably transports condensate. TLV’s steam solutions are effective even in extremely high temperatures. Today, the company manufactures mechanical, thermodynamic and thermostatic steam traps.

TLV is able to supply all the products related to a steam system, starting from the boiler, through the steam distribution, the process, and the condensate recovery back to the boiler house. “Steam is a very specific and complex issue,” explains General Manager Marc Vandeneede. “There is hardly any professional training. Given this, training has become a crucial element of our business philosophy. TLV France now has a new showroom with steam production in Saint Priest, where we are offering training to our customers.”

TLV has its origins in Kakogawa, Japan, where the entrepreneur and inventor of steam engineering products, Mr. Fujiwara, founded the company in 1950. In the early 1980s, his son Yoshiyasu followed in his footsteps and established subsidiaries in the United States, Germany, the UK, Singapore, Australia, China, South Korea, Mexico and Argentina.

TLV now has more than 600 employees around the world. TLV’s European headquarter is in Germany, one of the company’s most important markets and the focal point of distribution. TLV is still a family-owned company, its name relating to its core competence – the concept of the ‘Trouble Less Valve’. “Our products are synonymous with outstanding quality, easy maintenance and a long lifespan,” stresses Mr. Vandeneede. “They are not the cheapest on the market but they help to save energy.”

“Energy has become a very important and sensitive subject today and TLV has developed a Steam Saving Optimization Program (SSOP) which enables us, through different types of surveys, to reduce steam consumption, to optimize the processes’ productivity and to ensure a good balance of energy in the plants,” concludes Mr. Vandeneede. “Our Vision 2020, established in 2010 by the TLV Group, is to double turnover within the next ten years and to step up to become the world’s number one steam specialist.”

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