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Contributing to innovation


TMC Manufacturing Support was established as part of the TMC group in 2008. “Ever since TMC’s foundation in 2000, the enterprise acted as niche player for project based work for highly educated and technologically skilled experts that supported clients in the best bits of their core activities,” explains Marjolein Berkers, director of business cell manufacturing support of TMC Manufacturing Support, and in this position since 2011. “We developed the model of ‘employeneurs’, a combination of employee and entrepreneur, for clients in the complex manufacturing industry who do not always have direct answers to their challenges.”

TMC Manufacturing Support’s specialists are engaged in a long-term relationship with its employer and matched with interesting projects in client companies. “Our business cell is involved in the development of machines,” states the director of business cell manufacturing support. “The employeneurs concern themselves with issues of reproductivity, feasibility, logistics and marketability. They can be seen as ‘primus inter pares’ between developers and the people eventually manufacturing the machine, and all of that on different levels: engineering, production efficiency, product improvement and project management.”

At 60% and 20%, TMC Manufacturing Support finds its target groups in complex machine manufacturers and the automotive industry. “A new area is the food and pharmaceutical sector, which currently generates 5% of our customers,” says Ms. Berkers. “Most of our clients are OEM manufacturers, first tier suppliers and research institutes.”

In order to attract customers at home and abroad, the Dutch company utilizes several means of marketing. “We participate in specialized trade fairs like the ESEF in Utrecht, the Netherlands,” explains the director of business cell manufacturing support. “Furthermore, we organize events like the ‘Connecting CTOs’ where chief technology officers are able to exchange experiences.”

In the future, TMC Manufacturing Support strives to enhance its business. “Healthy growth is expected,” states Ms. Berkers. “Over the past six years, we already tripled our size in terms of employeneurs and clients. An increasing focus will be set on supply chain management. New niches may evolve from these activities.”

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