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Fueling innovation and the future


For more than a century, the company has been bringing quality fuel retailing solutions to the market. Tokheim’s well-recognized logo, which is proudly stamped on all its products, prominently features the word ‘quality’ to make sure its customers have a daily reminder of why they chose to work with the business in the first place.

To keep the firm at the top of the market, its highly experienced team of global marketers and engineers work hard to continually develop innovative equipment that utilizes the newest and best way of doing things.

At the heart of the business is its unrivalled service network. “Our strategic partner, Tokheim Solutions, maintains a direct presence at and access to over 40,000 stations worldwide,” says Kurt Dillen, General Manager.

This means that Tokheim is able to tap into a unique pool of real-time, real-life data. From new product developments to project management to after-sales support and service, the company’s local standing, backed by its global operation, makes the firm the supplier of choice for a wide customer base. “Our active network in more than 30 countries ensures we remain close to customers at all times,” adds Mr. Dillen. “We are there through every step, from initial discussions, to delivery and installation, to aftersales support and future service.”

Specific products and solutions offered by Tokheim include dispensers, systems, project management, unmanned solutions, tank lining solutions and much more. The Belgium branch of the firm is the headquarters for automatization in the EMEA region. Here, point-of-sale systems that are installed in shops and outdoor payment terminals are manufactured.

“We work hard to keep our point-of-sale systems modern since shops are offering more and more services to their customers,” says Mr. Dillen. For example, the systems only used to be used for things like fuel and maybe a snack or drink.

Now, convenience stores are selling more and more products and services. Tokheim’s systems are able to accommodate all of them, like fresh food, a restaurant, the sale of flowers, car washes and more. In order for fuel stations to distinguish themselves, they work with loyalty programs and offer various promotions.

A popular program is the combination of fuel and food purchases with earning points and buying services with those points. From a technological standpoint, Tokheim offers more software options and services in the cloud. Customers in the various fuel stations have access to that system. Its outdoor payment terminals at unmanned stations closely follow the regulations set out by the payment card industry (PCI) in regard to electronic payments.

PCI mandates that stations have to buy new machines at predetermined intervals in order to fulfil the latest security requirements. “Our new terminal is valid until 2027 and is the first in the world to comply with the new PCI5 regulation,” explains Mr. Dillen.

Including other fuel options in its systems is easily accomplished with a software upgrade. This allows Tokheim’s clients to adapt quickly to changing market standards and demands. A good example of this is the Ad- Blue fuel requirement in Belgium, which must be used by diesel engines to reduce CO2 emissions.

What helps make Tokheim unique and even more attractive to its customers is that the firm supplies to all parties, which means clients don’t have to replace the products once they have invested in them. The company’s fuel point-of-sale system is also open-ended.

This allows the business to keep developing the same system, so customers need only make partial investments like screen, software and bar code updates. Tokheim’s machines can also handle any type of fuel card. “For years, machines only accepted bank cards, but we developed our system to accept a wide variety of card types, such as loyalty cards,” states Mr. Dillen. “This allows the filling stations’ customers to have more flexibility, which helps them increase their revenue and offer more services.”

The business also uses the same software for all clients in all countries. This makes it easy for fuel station owners that have shops in multiple countries to operate smoothly. Even though the highly innovative company already offers so many advanced and varied solutions, it is not willing to rest on its achievements.

The business plans to widen its payment options to include mobile payment methods like the new swiping of smartphones and more near field communication (NFC) contactless choices. Tokheim also wants to offer more services in the cloud to make adjustments even easier for itself and its clients.

More alternative fuel options will continue to be added to its systems as the alternatives hit the market, as well as the continued addition of more loyalty programs as they are developed. “We have also begun rolling out advertising media solutions that are displayed right at the fuel pumps,” adds Mr. Dillen. “We will continue to give our customers the very best in every area.”

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