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A responsible approach to animal health


The aim to provide veterinarians, livestock farmers and animal lovers with the best possible support for med the foundation it all in the early 1990s. Two successful veterinary distributors, Tolnavet Kft. And Agrovet Kft., decided to get together, and established TOLNAGRO Animal Health Ltd in Szekszárd.

“The original idea was to combine the services of a veterinary clinic with those of a veterinary pharmacy,” explains Managing Director and company owner Márta Varga. “My husband, Dr. József Varga, started developing exclusive pharmaceuticals and niche products. He also had pharmaceuticals produced to his own specifications and proprietary designs.”

Before long, the distribution of veterinary pharmaceuticals became the mainstay of the business. The acquisition of pharmaceutical companies in Hungary and abroad has accelerated this development and considerably enlarged the company’s product range.

Founder and Managing Director Dr. József Varga has full responsibility for the operative business and the comprehensive product range marketed under the TOLNAGRO logo. “Rare pharmaceuticals, premium-quality products, proprietary designs, a whole family of antibiotics - all that is part of his profession,” explains Ms. Varga, who entered the family business in 2007 and, since then, has become responsible for its organization. “We can purchase almost everything and offer our partners fast and reliable service.”

With a total of 300 employees and a storage capacity of 7,500 m², TOLNAGRO is the leading wholesaler of its kind in Hungary today. The company offers its clients a full range of veterinary medicinal products, vaccines, disinfectants, vitamins and biocides as well as devices, dressings, instruments, pet food and equipment.

The range is complemented by pet food and all kinds of equipment for domestic animals. Modern warehousing systems make distribution fast and efficient. Customer orders are completed within 24 hours and delivered by the company’s own fleet of vehicles or a mail and courier service.

Urgent deliveries are entrusted to contract partners and made within eight hours. “Shipment from our center in Szekszárd is easy and fast,” adds Ms. Varga. “We feel that it is important to have regular personal contact with our customers and keep them well informed, so they can rely on the support of our special service team.”

It is therefore hardly surprising that TOLNAGRO has experienced continuous growth. The former veterinary pharmacy has developed into a thriving business with a turnover of 18.4 billion HUF in 2016 and promising prospects in neighbouring countries.

Online sales started hesitantly at first according to the Managing Director, yet are developing rapidly now that the company is addressing the pet sector as well as vets and livestock farmers.

“A growing number of pet shops are interested in buying online,” she confirms. “We have expanded our distribution system accordingly and installed a web shop offering therapeuticals, pet food, rugs, toys and equipment.”

A family enterprise in the best sense of the term, TOLNAGRO continues to meet the needs of those who care about animals, their health and wellbeing. The company’s approach remains a responsible one, guided by its respect for nature and the environment, its commitment to customers, employees and – last not least – the family as the ultimate motivation. What with the younger generation preparing to follow in their parents’ footsteps, the continuity of this dynamic enterprise is assured.

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