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The solution is electronic


“I thought the Philips Dictaphone would go the way of the VHS video cassette but now I’m convinced it will still be here ten years from now thanks to the offline security it offers,” says company founder and Managing Director Imre Gulyás. “We produce the complete product, ready packaged for delivery to the USA, where the classic dictation device is still widely used.”

Magnetic heads also have applications in ATMs, card readers and medical electronics; in fact anywhere in which a magnetic strip must be read. Tommy-invest Electronic is now the biggest producer of magnetic heads worldwide but these form just one part of a broad portfolio of contract electronic manufacturing services undertaken for a host of international clients.

Other areas of specialization include PCB assemby, power inductor manufacture, cable assembly, electronic ballast production and precision engineering services. The company boasts many years of experience in the production of high-volume electronics and has in-house expertise in plastic injection moulding and mechanical treatment.

New product development is carried out in-house by its own technical team. “For the past three years, we have produced a high-end camera system on behalf of Sensefly in Switzerland,” says Mr. Gulyás. “Each camera costs 18,000 USD and between 100 and 150 are sold each month.”

Another major development is a contract to manufacture power inductors for KEB, a leading manufacturer of wind turbines, that has given turnover a sharp boost to reach an expected 930 million HUF in 2017. At 80 years old, the Managing Director is still bubbling with ideas.

“One of the things we are working on is a night-sight camera as well as self-heating clothing for motorcycle riders,” he says. “The challenge is not so much heating the clothing but adapting the temperature to suit the wearer’s preference and the external conditions. These are problems to which we can find an electronic solution.”

Mr. Gulyás’ son and daughter are already involved in the family company and ownership has been transferred to them but the founder is not quite ready to step down. “I have always worked and can’t imagine life without it,” says the successful entrepreneur. “The day I run out of new ideas is the day I die and that day hasn’t come yet.” Perhaps he has an eye on slowing down slightly in the future; one of his more recent ideas involves an electronic location system for golf balls.

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