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A new level of mobility


In September 2005 TOPRO’s Troja Classic rollator was selected as the winner by German consumer protection body “Stiftung Warentest” due to its high quality and innovative functions.

Based on this success, the Norwegian manufacturer of mobility products founded its first subsidiary in Fürstenfeldbruck in 2010 to conquer the German market.

“Our flagship product Troja was developed by chance in 2002 in Norway and no one thought that it would be such a great success,” says Matthias Mekat, Commercial Director of TOPRO GmbH. He was the first employee in Germany and was responsible for building up the enterprise.

With the innovative mobility aid, the company set the standard in the industry, convincing the customers with high quality and unique characteristics such as a folding feature.

TOPRO Troja 2G is the second generation of the successful rollator with increased safety, comfort and flexibility for physically challenged and elderly people. Exclusive designs and accessories make Troja 2G the mobility aid of choice for people who set a high value on quality and functionality.

In 2015, TOPRO’s portfolio was expanded by a new scooter called minniemobil. This scooter, which was developed by a German company near Munich, stands out through its unique design and remarkable loading capacity, which makes it the perfect shopping scooter.

In addition, TOPRO’s product range comprises rise and recline chairs with built-in stand-up support, as well as walkers for use at home or care facilities and other daily living aids.

TOPRO AS with headquarters in Gjøvik, Norway, was founded in 1966, combining industrial manufacturing and vocational rehabilitation. Celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, the company has become one of the largest vocational rehabilitation companies in Norway, employing 440 people from 23 different countries.

Today, TOPRO’s mobility aids and electronic components are distributed to more than 20 countries worldwide. In addition to the subsidiary TOPRO GmbH in Germany, TOPRO Ltd. in the UK is also part of TOPRO AS. About 70% of TOPRO’s mobility aids are distributed in Germany.

“TOPRO has become a well-known brand and is appreciated by our customers for the high quality, exclusivity, functionality and safety of our products,” explains Mr. Mekat. “We have contributed to the development of private labels in qualified medical supplies shops and are often asked by other producers to provide advice and terms of sales and marketing.”

TOPRO GmbH supports the specialized trade in the area of sales and has developed an end-customer-oriented marketing strategy. The company organizes so called “rollator days” in Germany and has been the first to provide walker insurance.

Products are currently sold primarily in specialist stores and there are no plans to change this. However, the firm keeps a very close eye on market trends and does not rule out the development of other distribution methods, such as multi-channel distribution and other concepts, in the future.

“We have a lot of new ideas,” states the Commercial Director. “In addition, we plan to further expand our portfolio, planning to launch a new shopping walker as well as carbon rollators this year. Another focus will be electromobility and we are currently working on new products in that area.”

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