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It all started in 1988, when Tomasz Padée and Teresa Maka started producing parts for the mining industry. The introduction of liquid silicone injection moulding in the 1990s paved the way for diversification – and the cooperation with Philips, Topsil Global’s biggest customer to this day. In 2007 the company was able to inaugurate a new, modern production plant.

“The new plant has been designed to comply with the latest industrial standards,” points out Sales and Marketing Manager and board member Jacek Padée. “Our command of all technologies known and applied in silicone and thermoplastic elastomer processing has made us internationally competitive and secured our success even in the years of the crisis 2008 and 2009.” As it is, Topsil Global is a leader in the Polish silicone processing market and constantly strengthening its international position. A new tool shop has even enhanced the company’s ability to provide complete package solutions. Continuous quality improvement goes along with untiring efforts to reduce the environmental impact of production.

The use of integrated quality management systems allows Topsil Global to offer its products to renowned customers in all parts of the world, Bosch and Siemens Home Appliances being one of them. Certification according to ISO 9001:2008 and DIN EN ISO 14001:2005 confirms the high quality standards applied at the modern works. Its commitment to excellence has paid off for Topsil Global.

“In the last few years we have achieved annual growth rates between 15 and 20%, raising our annual turnover to the current value of nine million EUR,” confirms Mr. Padée. “Even if most of our products are sold to clients in Poland, their final destination is global. In addition, about 35% of our products are sold directly abroad, mostly in Western Europe.” Topsil Global processes silicone rubber and thermoplastic elastomers to make items that precisely meet customer requirements. More than 2,000 different extruded products and several hundreds of moulded items are produced by the Polish specialists at present: seals and gaskets for household appliances, window profiles, medical tubes, automotive components and technical items – you name it, they’ve got it.

Optical silicone parts for LED lenses are the most recent addition to the range and expected to become one of the mainstays of the business, thanks to their excellent heat resistance. Quality manufacturing, development expertise and a high level of customer orientation are the assets that recommend Topsil Global to a growing clientele. The company’s positive view of the future is confirmed by the response at international trade fairs, yet above all by the recommendation of satisfied clients.

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