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Trasporti Pesanti is a family owned company that has constantly grown with the market. The transport of steel products such as coils and slabs is core of the portfolio these days. The company’s own intermodal logistics platforms in Piadena and Cremona are important assets that contribute to Trasporti Pesanti’s outstanding transport performances.

Located in Northern Italy, they are a perfect hub for storing, shipping and transporting goods from Italy to Europe and vice versa. “My grandfather founded the company after World War II,” explains Managing Director Stefano Storti.

“Together with his brothers he used a former tractor to transport agricultural goods. The business ran smoothly and step by step, he acquired more trucks. His strategy was very simple though. He was responsible for the management, his drivers for the transports. In 1968, he got the chance to cooperate with the railway in Casalmaggiore – and he seized the chance. He modified a truck in order to transport rail wagons right to customers and back. Until 2000, this was actually our main business activity.”

In 2000, Trasporti Pesanti changed its strategy. When the Italian railway company decided to invest less money in transports and prices started rising, customers started preferring road transports. Trasporti Pesanti observed the market changes – and changed itself. Special vehicles were ordered to transport heavy loads.

“Standard trucks were able to transport 44 t, our trucks easily managed 110 t,” stresses Mr. Storti. “Customers greatly benefitted from those additional capacities. Their goods were transported on one single truck instead of three with many economic, social and environmental advantages in terms of lower costs, traffic jam and greenhouse gases emissions. Trasporti Pesanti developed these special trucks with the main truck producers, like Volvo, whose subsidiary was itself bought by Trasporti Pesanti n 2017.”

It comes as no surprise that the new business focus was a great success and led to a dynamic development. While 2008 was an extraordinary good year, the following years were influenced by the world economic crisis. “We had tough times,” says Mr. Storti. “But we emerged from the crisis stronger than ever. Since 2011, we have been able to grow constantly which is quite an achievement. Currently, rail freight transport grows again.”

According to Mr. Storti, the company operates in a very stable and dynamic market these days and always strives to improve services. “Customers have always been our top priority,” he underlines. “Technologies and the adaption to changing market needs have spurred our progress.”

Today, 300 employees in the whole Group generate annual revenues of 150 million EUR. The company has locomotives, warehouses, electrified tracks with direct connection to Piadena railway station, cranes, reach stackers and fork lift units, repair shop and other features to realize effective intermodal logistics projects.

“Looking back, the ground breaking decision was to start offering railway transports with proper containers,” stresses Mr. Storti. “It simplified the entire transport process and customers saved time and money. Besides those technical features, the commitment of every single employee and the entire management has been key to success in the new key success factors of being totally integrated with customers.”