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“Currently, our main services are temporary staffing and recruiting, both inbound and outbound,” says CEO and Chairman of the Board Martin Malo. “Our country is strongly feeling the lack of skilled workers. Our clients are based in various industries such as automotive or logistics, and we also have some white collar customers such as the BMW Group. For the majority of these clients, we search and select the right people abroad.”

At the same time, the company connects Czech workers with possible employers in other countries: “Germany and other Western European countries are our outbound markets,” Mr. Malo states. Probably the greatest asset for Trenkwalder is the fact, that it is able to introduce people from various non-European countries, always in line with labour regulations of course. “The quality of our services is showcased by the fact that we have a very low fluctuation rate – many people stay with us for long periods of time.”

The company was founded under the name KAPPA in 1991, offering short term jobs to university students. It was not until 2002 it opened a whole twelve branches and became a full HR service provider. Shortly after, in 2005, it became part of the Trenkwalder Group which in turn became part of the Droege Group in 2011.

Martin Malo
The fact that we work 100% in line with current legal regulations is one of our big assets. Martin MaloCEO and Chairman of the Board

“Over the years, we have become much more than a supplier,” says Mr. Malo, who himself has been with the company since 2009. “We are now an adviser to our clients – a partner on an equal level.” As such, Trenkwalder also helps its clients tackle important issues such as digitalization.

“This is a big issue, not only for potential recruits but also for us within our business and for our clients,” says the CEO. “We advise our clients on the digitalization of their business and even train them in our own training facilities.”

This way, Trenkwalder has made its way to the top of the field in its business segment, employing 80 members of staff of its own while handling a total of around 3,000 external employees. The company’s annual turnover amounts to around 50 million EUR.

Trenkwalder has various projects in the pipeline for future development. “We plan to lower the risk of any potential crises by further diversifying our portfolio. Among those plans are an e-learning platform as well as internal business process outsourcing. IT outsourcing will also be an issue,” Mr. Malo sums up.

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