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The link between east and west

Interview with Harm Blaauwgeers, Operational Director, and Lindy Leijser, Administrative Director at Trexico Logistics BV

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Though the world may be interconnected now more than ever before, this was not always the case. Such a high level of interconnectivity has only occurred through the specialization of logistics experts who have established strategic know-how and geographic footholds.

Trexico is a global logistics expert with key locations in the Netherlands and Russia. “Though we transport goods globally,” says Lindy Leijser, Administrative Director at Trexico, “we specialize too in the transport of goods between the Western European countries such as the Netherlands, and Eastern Europe like Russia, and vice versa.”

This began when Trexico’s founder, Geert de Kort, forged a professional alliance with Russian colleagues, which would later lead to trade opportunities. This alliance led to the founding of two major company offices, one in the Netherlands, and one in Russia. With specialists all over Europe, Trexico is able to accommodate transport across the continent, providing warehousing, logistics planning and execution, and a fleet of transport vehicles through their strategic partnerships.

Trexico’s GMP+, HACCP, and ISO22000 certified status means that it can accommodate its customers across a range of industries. Trexico specializes in the handling and storage of feed and food products and also holds several licences to import, export and store bonded goods. These transports are conducted by specialized employees.

Logistical expertise requires flexibility, and we are always willing to go beyond what is expected to take care of our client’s requests. Harm BlaauwgeersOperational Director

The AEO status offers the company and its clients the opportunity to arrange their supply chain at every link from the beginning to the end. Trexico can act as a tax representative for foreign companies. This wide service range is further facilitated by a 15,000 m² storage facility in the company’s Dutch headquarters of Rijen, and will grow further in 2020 when a third location is opened which will expand the heated storage capacity of Trexico to 20,000 m². “Our expansion is directly correlated to client satisfaction,” says Operational Director Harm Blaauwgeers. “We intend to keep delighting our customers with our services.”

Despite a relatively small team, Trexico maintains a quality standard by keeping a flexible mindset and a high level of in-house expertise. It is also aided by harbouring a vibrant network of partners which allow it to facilitate such extensive transportation offers. By bridging the gap between Russia and the rest of Europe and world, Trexico taps into a unique niche of the market.

“Our Russian team and location gives us access and contact with that part of the world which would not be possible otherwise,” says Ms. Leijser. “This becomes especially important when adhering to Russian regulatory standards as they can be much stricter than other countries.”

These ties to Russia are more than simply bringing goods back and forth. “Our team in Russia is constantly on the phones with our transport partners,” says Mr. Blaauwgeers. “They are very good at what they do and can do it even more effectively by bridging the language barrier which normally exists.”

Whether in the Netherlands, Russia, or the myriad countries located in between, Trexico lives up to its slogan ‘Borderless quality in logistics’ and its core values of flexibility, customer orientation, and short and direct lines of communication, retaining its focus on the customer experience and always going the extra mile when required.