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A definite plus in performance


Designed to yield the best possible quality even under the most arduous conditions, high-performance metal sulfides produced by Tribotecc contribute to the safety and comfort of people all over the world.

The Austrian enterprise serves customers in the friction, lubricant and abrasive industry as well as the battery and plastics industry, which includes some of the most important automotive suppliers. The company’s additives and filler systems for the abrasive industry decisively improve the grinding process and pattern of resin-bonded grinding and cut-off wheels.

Tribotecc’s synthetic solid lubricants enhance the friction coefficient and wear behaviour in lubricating greases, oils and pastes as well as AFcoatings. They yield superior results, particularly under extreme loads.

In photovoltaics, Tribotecc® solar cells based on sulfides and selenides are the state of the art, yet the company’s development activity is already focused on new materials for semiconductor layers based on copper, zinc, tin and sulfur. Sulfides for the production of electrodes for all battery types, customized metal sulfides for the powder metallurgy sector and functional additives to improve the tribological characteristics and lifetime of polymer components are other examples illustrating the enormous scope of technological and application possibilities mastered by the Austrian specialists.

“At our Competence Center in Arnoldstein, we are constantly developing new products, mostly in response to our customers’ requirements,” emphasizes Helmut Cehak, Managing Director. “We are specialists, and it is our responsibility to respond to or even anticipate the needs of the industries we are supplying. Our product range of various metal sulfides has been constantly expanded accordingly.”

Development, then, is an important issue at Tribotecc and is also pursued in cooperation with customers. “We have enlarged our R&D department considerably in order to be able to test clients’ formulations as well as our own standard recipes,” explains Mr. Cehak. “One of the benefits of our developmental work is reduced costs for our customers. Moreover, the client can skip the first test stage, which is a major global advantage.”

Tribotecc’s involvement with metal sulphides began in the 1980s, when asbestos was recognized as harmful, and replacements were needed in the friction industry. The company emerged as a technological center of excellence for friction materials, lubricants and sintered parts. The former Chemetall was renamed Tribotecc to reflect its commitment to global technological and market leadership in highly-engineered tribological applications.

“We have experienced continuous growth over the years and achieved a worldwide market share of 60% in relevant areas where special high-performance metal sulfides are concerned,” says Mr. Cehak. “We generate 98% of our 70 million EUR turnover p.a. in export, 60% in the EU, 30% in Asia and 9% in the Americas, the remainder in the rest of the world.”

A member of Treibacher Industrie AG since 2016, Tribotecc will continue to focus on customer requirements while pursuing market-driven research in cooperation with technical universities and institutes in order to detect market niches and new business models beyond its core business.

The position the company has gained as a technology leader in its field may well serve as the foundation for new, visionary concepts.

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