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Travel with style


Thanks to design excellence, technical innovation, unparalleled quality and world-class costumer service, the company has become a leading brand in the market. Tumi distributes its travelling products and accessories in over 75 countries worldwide through 1,600 points of distribution, one of them being the Tumi Inc. Distribution Centre in Unna, Germany.

Tumi, which was founded in 1975, is active in the four major business categories travel, business, women's & men's and lifestyle accessories. The product portfolio comprises carry-ons, packing cases, garment bags and accessories in a variety of materials such as ballistic nylon, leather or polycarbonate.

Constantly adapting itself to the increasing demands of its customers, Tumi works continuously on new products and innovations such as its CFX and Tegra-Lite lightweight travel collections. Tegra-Lite is the company’s lightest and strongest travel collection made from a revolutionary polypropylene thermoplastic composite material, while CFX is a eleven-piece collection of high performance soft travel bags and accessories.

Besides the innovative technical features, Tumi’s travel products and accessories convince customers with a modern and sophisticated design. Collaborations with leading designers, artists and lifestyle brands make sure that the collections meet the latest trends.

Due to their superior functionality, high quality and durability, the company’s products will keep on being the perfect travelling companions for men and women around the world.

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