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Prototyping and more


“Many of our customers used to approach a specialist for prototyping before implementing new production processes. With their prototypes, they turned to machining companies like us and assigned them with their new serial production,” points out General Director Eusébio Martin. “Now, we have worked hard to alter this process, and we are now able to offer complete single-source services.”

UFM-Permec takes over prototyping, pre-serial production and even the final production process. “In close cooperation with the manufacturer, we try to find a solution that meets all his specifications,” says Mr. Martin. “We are involved in the entire process right from the beginning, starting with initial product development. We process casting, forging and aluminium parts.”

UFM-Permec is a well-respected tier-1 supplier to customers from the automotive and agricultural vehicle industries, including customers like Gima, Poclain Hydraulics, Caterpillar and Claas. “Our products are found in gear boxes, transmission and hydraulics components,” says Mr. Martin. “We might be a small company, but we serve a large international customer base.”

UFM-Permec was a subsidiary of the Swedish Permec Group, but since January 2013, UFM-Permec has been acting independently. “There is a new group of companies under my ownership, and UFM-Permec has become a part of this new group,” stresses Mr. Martin. “However, we will keep the name, and there are no changes for our staff, our suppliers or our customers following the takeover in January.”

Today, UFM-Permec employs about 40 people, generating a turnover of 6.5 million EUR. “The years 2011 and 2012 were extremely good years for us. We experienced a slight decrease towards the end of last year, but we are prepared for the next upsurge,” says Mr. Martin. “We are about to improve and dynamize our production structures. I, personally, expect that the second quarter of 2013 will see an increase in demand and turnover.”

Another means to further expand its position in the precision machining market is UFM-Permec’s activities in new market segments. For instance, its solutions for the wind power industry will be pushed ahead. “Other interesting industries for our services are the train and aviation industries,” says Mr. Martin. UFM-Permec is determined to continue its cooperative partnerships with its customers.

“We are thinking about acquiring a foundry in order to secure excellent supply for our production,” states Mr. Martin. Indeed, the year 2013 is offering new and exciting opportunities.

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