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Helping pharmacies stay competitive


The Unifarm group has continuously broadened its service portfolio since its foundation in 1970. Today, different companies from the pharmaceutical industry are part of the holding, which not only distributes drugs by different producers, but also manufactures its own products and acts as a third-party manufacturer for most of the leading pharmaceutical companies.

“We support our pharmacists with professional services and a reliable supply of pharmaceutical products,” says Managing Director Ing. Duilio Sgorbani. “Thanks to our innovative services and offers, our members can stay competitive in the market, which has gone through significant changes in the last years.” Unifarm is completely owned by its roughly 500 members, the pharmacists in the regions of Trentino-Alto Adige, Veneto, Sardinia and Liguria.

“Three years ago, we started to expand our activities, acquiring other pharmaceutical distribution companies in Italy,” explains Mr. Sgorbani. “In October 2012, we acquired the distribution activities of Cosafaca scarl in Sardinia, and in October 2013, we took over Unione Farmacisti Liguri SpA based in Genoa. Our aim for the future is to become a leading national player in the pharmaceutical market in Italy.”

The foundation of E-Pharma Trento SpA (EPT) in 1993 is another step in that direction. The company produces drugs that can be taken orally, such as effervescent tablets or tablets that dissolve in the mouth. E-Pharma manufactures the pharmaceutical products for leading companies, for instance Bayer, Novartis, Sandoz and Angelini. Eight years ago, E-Pharma launched its first own product.

Another example of Unifarm’s entrepreneurial approach is the development of the Neolatte brand. Thaking advantage of the public debate concerning baby milk powder prices, Unifarm decided to enter the market with its own product. “We looked for a realiable source with certified quality.

We also decided to offer this product exclusively to pharmacies at a price that, at the time, was significantly lower than that of all other competitors. This gives pharmacists the possibility to be seen and perceived by consumers as people who care for the community.” says Duilio Sgorbani.

Unifarm does everything to help its members. Transparency is another reason why the group, which employs about 750 people and realizes an annual turnover of around 500 million EUR, has become so successful.

“We offer the same conditions to all our pharmacies, no matter how big they are,” adds Mr. Sgorbani. “Our members trust us and we have established close relations to them. We continuously develop new services and offers for the pharmacies to help them stay competitive in the pharmaceutical market.”

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