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Uniplan successfully introduced a new brand and new strategic positioning as an agency for brand experience recently. One of the most prestigious projects completed by Uniplan since the adoption of its new strategy was the exhibition to mark 70 years of Porsche automobiles. The installation in Berlin featured classic car models displayed in delicate, illuminated frames that appeared like glass boxes.

“The display was designed to convey the company’s signature qualities of lightness and elegance,” explains Sarah Zimmermann, Chief Strategy Officer. She was the driving force behind the agency’s brand relaunch. “The Porsche project perfectly showcased our two strengths: imagining and making.”

The making side of the equation stems from a combination of Uniplan’s long history and breadth of in-house craftsmanship. “The company was founded by Hans Brühe in 1960 as a supplier for exhibition stands,” says Ms. Zimmermann. “As the years went by, and under the leadership of our CEO, however, Uniplan has always reinvented itself.” Uniplan became known for its ambitious and striking concepts on numerous high-profile projects.

Another factor that sets the company apart was its early expansion to Asia. An office was founded in Hong Kong in 1986 and was followed by subsidiaries in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou to serve the growing Chinese market. Here, too, the strategy development is bearing impressive fruits.

Sarah Zimmermann
Everything is changing, and change is good because it means we are progressing towards our goals and vision. Sarah ZimmermannChief Strategy Officer

“Our event project for Jaguar was a major engineering challenge, which our team in Beijing pulled off in the shortest possible time,” says Ms. Zimmermann. “What combines these two projects at opposite ends of the world is their immediacy. Even though all of our projects continue to have a digital footprint, they take place in the here and now, and are finite. They are representative of a moment – an unrepeatable, unique moment. That is what our customers come to us for: a moment in time, a moment of truth.”

Galerie | Uniplan GmbH & Co. KG

Creating such moments is what Uniplan is all about. “People are at the heart of every such moment, which is why we listen closely to our customers and try to understand the core message of every project,” insists Ms. Zimmermann. “That is where we are extraordinarily successful.” With four offices in Germany and one in Switzerland, Uniplan has nine offices in total, all of which cooperate closely with each other. “We have 600 employees worldwide who all share the same curiosity to see where we can take the Uniplan brand next,” concludes Ms. Zimmermann.